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  1. Why is this such a surprise to so many people? Brees is on his last leg and Winston isn’t a FQB. This give the Saints a chance to see if Hill can actually play and it’s against a team that is great at losing games they should win. It’s the perfect time to start Hill.
  2. Yes in a heartbeat but Jacksonville’s FO would have to be mentally handicapped to make that trade when they could just stay put and draft fields.
  3. It should be this because they could of drafted Allen (I wanted Nelson) without trading away a bunch of picks but it would be Adams because some fans are obsessed with ex players.
  4. Yea for FF and draft kings. If you got rid of those things the NFL would half a quarter of the fans.
  5. I watched blinding lights. It’s better then most of the new stuff but it’s not my type of music, it reminds me of the pop music from the 80s with a little bit of bat sh*t crazy sprinkled on top. His live shows must be interesting lol
  6. Who the hell is the week end and that’s an awful name for a band.
  7. Trade down, get as many picks as possible, draft a QB with the top pick then draft oline, WRs, RBs, TEs and build around him.
  8. It’s about being the fan of a sh*tty team and looking for something to feel good about
  9. Ohio has a huge following abs ND still would of been 3 so it won’t be that different. ND beat the #1 team Ohio beat Rutgers.
  10. Cam is 6” taller then him. He could of hit him from the waist to the shoulders.

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