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  1. Yes, they have a QB on their roster. Not a starting QB though
  2. I’d rather see what Sam can do with a better team around him and better coaching.
  3. Every reports is meaningless until the Jets officially announce they are looking to trade him.
  4. This year his worst games were against the Jets
  5. No, unless it’s in the late rounds. There’s a lot better options
  6. Does anyone have his list over the last years?
  7. With no combine all the reporters are trying to stay relevant. No one knows anything about what NFL teams are thinking right now. Half the teams don’t know what they’re thinking right now.
  8. This. My faith in Darnold has been restored until otherwise proven wrong
  9. Are they trying to get the AARP discount at Denny’s?
  10. Zero chance of getting all that. Other teams will be picking up players as well.
  11. He’s going to get paid over his NFL value since there’s not a lot of CBs on the market. Poole is probably in the top ten.
  12. This year I’d say definitely for the Jets. There’s a few teams that posters always pick but obviously the Jets can’t be one of them.
  13. ANALyst sound closer to what he’s doing and it’s a good porn series too
  14. Judging by the way most of you act I’d say there isn’t many tight ends.
  15. So he’s basically Josh “The Once In A Generation Change The Game Best Passrusher Since LT” Allen
  16. Wait. He’s a Mormon? That’s it I don’t want him.
  17. I said the same thing when I read the title
  18. Voice text. It types what it wants. Everyone knows what I meant.
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