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  1. He wouldn’t of been a bad pick but he wouldn’t of been a smart pick. They should of went offense. They definitely shouldn’t of drafted another DT. He’s also overrated on this board. He’s a good situational passrusher but that’s it, he disappears in games and a good team will nullify him. What else you got?
  2. That’s how it works as far as I’m concerned. They either play better or they don’t. If the team is worse because of it it was a bad trade. If they draft a starting OL or WR then it was a good trade. I agree with the trade it was smart but we don’t know if it’s good or not.
  3. Yes you can. If you get rid of someone for someone else (draft) and they’re not better it was a bad trade.
  4. Me. Look at my avatar. It’s been like that since we hired him and the hobbit.
  5. The Jets have so many needs that giving away multiple high picks for an older OT that’s missed games isn’t a good idea. If they had a solid oline and adding Williams would help them go farther into the playoffs then yes.
  6. If they draft two players who never see the field is it still a great trade?
  7. Showcasing the worst DL on the team, useless, not worth a 5th, etc etc. read then board. He sucks
  8. Now he’s going to have to relocate to NJ, oh wait. @nyjunc
  9. If they were better then Leo and Gase/Williams kept them on the bench they should both be fired.
  10. It currently doesn’t help the team and I don’t know who they’re going to draft with the picks so it’s impossible to grade. If they get a pro bowler with one of the picks it would be an A if they get 2 guys who never see the field it would be an F and in between depending on how good the players drafted are.
  11. You obviously don’t read the board. You should only take passrushers in the top 5.
  12. How many sacks and tackles will Leo have when the Giants and Jets play?
  13. I miss Mangold, Brick, Faneca, Woody etc. If they had that oline with this current team the Jets would make the playoffs.
  14. A bad team is a bad team. Players are obviously going to be worse on a bad team. Do you think Anderson would have only 300 yards if he played for Seattle or Bell would have the worst number of his career if he was on another team? Do you think McCaffery would be leading the league in yards from scrimmage on the Jets?
  15. A lot of the board has been saying this. Bring in another TE and use him as a FB/TE. The oline can’t block anyone, Jax lived in the backfield yesterday. They consistently got pressure up the middle forcing Darnold to move outside into Campbell, Nga and Allen. There was numerous plays where the oline didn’t even touch or slow down the passrushers. It’s not rocket science. They were moving the ball when they gave Darnold time. If you can’t block with the oline bring in a TE/FB to help. Bell looks frustrated as hell as well. He’s getting mauled.
  16. Metcalf is Robbie Anderson with muscles on a better team.
  17. You don’t need to fix the oline just draft a passrusher and the team will be unbeatable.

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