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  1. Lol. “I will not go quietly into the night”
  2. A slow white dude that gets open, catches first downs and extends plays? Anyway. Trading Anderson is stupid. Even without Crowder being injured especially with his history that leaves no one left to throw to expect RBs and crappy TEs.
  3. If the oline and coaches don’t figure out the blocking scheme the Jags are going to keep pressure on Darnold (and the Allen fan club will be putting him in the HOF) and make it for a long day. Stop Fournette, run toward the OLBs, use a TE or RB to bump Allen to through off his speed and he’s nullified, dink and dunk them until something opens over the top and control the ball. Jacksonville is a very beatable team if Gase calls and prepares a good game.
  4. If they don’t draft oline and offense this year I might give up.
  5. Too much thinking for a Thursday night but yes I get what you’re saying. The butterfly effect
  6. A lot of the board wanted him especially at that point. Unfortunately on this current team he wouldn’t be any better then Bell.
  7. He made a tackle for loss and has been in a few plays.
  8. It’s an everywhere - ism. The same as alot instead of a lot.
  9. Minnesota’s unis are awful. The yellow shoes look like flags.
  10. That’s breaking news, glad you started a thread about it.
  11. “Couldn’t care less” If you “could” care less the statement doesn’t mean what you wanted it to. Any, what the ****?
  12. What do they think they could get for him? A 4th,3rd?? I’d rather they keep him.
  13. I hate baseball but the Mets have won a championship and been relevant in my lifetime.
  14. Do you watch car accidents and do writes up them?

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