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  1. OSU - 7/15 I’m guessing. As a life long ND fan I wait from them to mess up.
  2. OSU played Rutgers. The Jets could beat Rutgers.
  3. Only 13 hours behind. Look in the ND Clemson thread
  4. Keep the thread about the game. If you want to talk about COVID go to the forum for it As far as the game go. If Trevor was playing ND would of lost. ND made too many mistakes and the refs sucked. That being said who is the new 1 & 2. Does ND jump over Ohio who only has 3 wins against average teams?
  5. Hopefully he’s picking his brother up and leaving.
  6. This game will show ND’s true colors. If they win they’re actually a legit team for once. Boise hadn’t played anyone until last night so who knows how good they are.
  7. His arm is impressive but It’s hard to judge what he’s done this year considering he hasn’t played against anyone.
  8. Yes, because it was avoidable. Gase shouldn’t of ever been hired.

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