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  1. Me either but I’ve also never seen players not show during the season, sit out the whole year or demand to be traded. The owners have lost control and the agents know it.
  2. Why the hell would any player want to come to this team?? You guys think players are going to leave a team because it’s bad and come to one of the worst team in the NFL? LMAO
  3. Lol. These players and refusing to show up and losing million or demanding a trade. The owners need to band together to tell them to **** off and sit then.
  4. When you say special do you mean. A complete shit hole ghetto with ridiculous high crime, bad traffic, over priced housing and no one speaks English or way expensive beach homes and condos full of people that never go west of federal?
  5. A flabby ass has been and a one hit wonder. That’s the best Miami can do? I’m sure Pitbull will make a debut as well.
  6. They’re actually trying to lose and the Jets still might be worse then them.
  7. That’s kind of harsh. Sar has been here for a long time
  8. So the first few games will be preseason and when do they cut down the teams?
  9. Try responding to the whole thing instead of editing it. I clearly said it might not help at all but at least he’s trying something different. Keep trying you might get there.
  10. I blame the Uber driver if he keeps getting stuck because he takes the same path over and over and over again when there’s different paths to try. I already addressed that twice maybe more. That has nothing to do with him calling a bad game. I’ve also addressed this a few times. I’m not saying look at me I’m right anymore then the posters who think Gase is a football genius with zero to back it up. I also said I am waiting to see how the team looks once the starters are back and it was stupid to fire him now or anytime during the season. My point which you and a few others keep twisting is he called a bad game. Which he did.
  11. Read the board I’ve answered that numerous times
  12. Gase said there was no issue running all the plays with him and he wasn’t holding any back. We’ll see next Sunday if it changes.
  13. Gase communicating with players - Lost In Translation The offense trying to score - The Green Mile Fans making excuse for Gase - The Fault In Our Stars Fans who thought the team was good - Fury What it feels like to be a Jets fan - Road To Perdition Les Misérables Where some star players are - The Place Beyond The Pines Sars thinking about Gase - Never Let Me Go
  14. He could bring in a blocking tight end to help stop the pass rush and open holes for the RB, he could put Bell and Montgomery in the backfield at the same time and spread one out or both out and you’ll have Bell or Montgomery matched up against a linebacker. If you have Bell and Montgomery in at the same time it gives you different looks and options. They can both run and catch. Why are they not using Crowder out of the slot more? Just try something different. I feel like he’s being stubborn and thinking I’m running the same plays over and over again and eventually it’s going to work when they’re not getting more than a yard or two. None of this might help or do any better but at least try.
  15. He could try changing it up a little bit instead of doing the same plays over and over again that aren’t working. Different plays might not work but at least he’s trying. We know the plays he’s running aren’t working. I didn’t expect this team to win before any injuries or suspensions but I was still hoping to see something positive for the future.

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