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  1. Obviously the team with the number 1 picks is going to suck but unfortunately the Jets suck as a franchise and have year after year and it’s getting worse. I wouldn’t play for the Jets either unless they hire someone to take over the team from the Johnsons or they sold it.
  2. “Why would we call that play? You fking idiot” “Go hold the red flag and stand in the corner until you’re needed”
  3. At least it will make your cock look bigger.
  4. Queensnake. com. That will keep me busy the rest of the game.
  5. Mayes ass has better hands then most of the receivers
  6. Mahomes was 2017. In 2018 I wanted Q Nelson. In 2017 I know I liked Cook but not with the first pick. I’d have to look back at who I wanted. I know it wasn’t Mahomes.
  7. Darnold never had a chance and the people that think Trevor Lawrence is going to magically turn this franchise around are in for a huge letdown.
  8. One that wasn’t a career loser with in the same division
  9. Holy ****. You can’t make this sh*t up lol
  10. So the offensive quarterback guru genius wants to stop calling offensive plays??? Wtf is he planning on doing?
  11. I’m not saying good bye but I’ve already stopped watching team until things change. I got rid of the Sunday ticket and I barely watch any football unless it’s replays of old games. I’m watching 1994 Texas vs Oklahoma at the moment. Much better tackling and more fun to watch then today’s games.
  12. It doesn’t matter what ingredients you buy if they chef can’t cook. Fix the HC.
  13. Fix the HC first like I said when the dumbasses in the FO thought it was a good idea to hire Gase. Getting a good QB with him at coach is pointless. He’ll just ruin another player’s career. I remember being endlessly called out for saying that. Look at where we are now
  14. I’m not defending Sam. I’ve said many times I don’t know if he’s the right QB or not but I’m 100% positive Gase isn’t the right HC My point as far as this thread is Trevor isn’t as good as some people are making him out to be. He’s good but he’s not generational and Luck is from the same generation so is Mahomes. How many QBs are generational for the last 20 to 30 years?

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