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  1. I remember when Luck was going to be the greatest QB to step on the field. That worked out real good. How many generational talents can there be in one generation.
  2. What? Peyton stayed in school so he didn’t have to play for the Jets.
  3. They have a new coaching staff every few years and suck. That’s not even remotely true. It’s not 1960. There are a bunch of huge markets and winning helps make money. The Jets can’t win sh*t. That’s the first thing that’s is good. Obviously, there’s zero chance he goes back to college but that doesn’t mean he will play for the Jets. He can force a trade. Eli wanted to play for the Giants not the Jets. The Giants actually win Super Bowls.
  4. Wait till the end of the season then fire his useless ass and let the red flag hobbit go with him.
  5. Remember when I said this was going to happen when Gase and Doolittle were first hired and I got crucified for it? You guys can form a line and pucker up.
  6. He completely missed against a power back. It’s not like he was trying to tackle Barry Sanders. He either sucks or didn’t want to get ran over.
  7. Simple fix. 1. Lose enough games to get the number 1 pick 2. Fire Gase 3. Trade the number one pick for a kings ransom including multiple picks in 21 including a 1st and 2nd and a 1st and 2nd in 22 4. Draft Fields 5. Draft WR and ED in the second 6. Draft and Sign other needed positions, pretty much all of them 7. Rebuild over the next 3 years with the extra picks 8. Championship

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