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  1. How was that a dirty hit?
  2. You said you could care less which means you weren’t 100% on the amount of caring you were doing.
  3. If you and Joe Douglas were so confident neither of you would be able to care less about what I think.
  4. Tebow is big as hell and can’t block worth a sh1t. I only get the Jax and Fins game so I’m watching Jax and reading this.
  5. That was painful to listen to. Could he try any harder ffs.
  6. Hence I hope he figures out how to win on his own.
  7. I hope he figures out how to win on his own.
  8. I wrestled for years and was never taught or seen anyone teach it. Great Olympics Wrestling showing by the US. It’s growing in America again thanks to MMA.
  9. That would completely f up the AFCE so it’s it’s not happening. If they moved to Canada or somewhere in the NE area it would be more believable
  10. Women do that all the time. I was always telling females to put their shoes back on because the floor of the nightclub had broken glass and drinks all over it. A lot of women don’t wear shoes that are comfortable, they wear ones they think look good.
  11. Exactly QB is the most important position so do everything possible to help him succeed. OL, WRs, TEs and a ground game. I’m not worried about defense until the offense is sorted.
  12. If you could add any current non QB player to the Jets who would you add? Almost every year lately I’ve picked an OL but this year I’d say Tarvis Kelce. He’d be a huge help to Zach and the growth of the team. Zach would have his go to target and security blanket that’s a nightmare to cover. Derrick Henry would be second for the same reasons. He’d take a lot of pressure off Zach running the ball down the defense’s throat and bringing players in tighter.
  13. Damn that sucks, sorry to hear it. She’ll fight through once again.
  14. I put money on Buffalo to win it all at 11/1
  15. I thought there was a set rookie salary cap so this didn’t happen and teams didn’t waste huge contracts on rookies that end up sucking.
  16. The players make plenty of money as well. They’re both greedy
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