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  1. All of the NFL is down. A lot of people are turned off by what’s going on with them. As far as the Jets who the hell wants to watch that?
  2. Wait you actually call plays where the receiver goes past the first down market??
  3. No sh*t. There’s a big ass camera on top of it lol
  4. Why the **** would you have a big ass lift that close to the sideline?
  5. Reminds me of a stripper that use to work for me
  6. Then they’ll win 4 or 5. Whichever number is needed to **** the franchise right up the ass with no lube.
  7. They’ll still find a way to mess it up. The Skins have way better luck then the Jets
  8. 3. They’ll win 3 meaningless games and get knocked out of the top 3 so they miss out on the TL sweepstakes. At least it will give Gase lovers something to endlessly bring up to defend how great he is.
  9. I completely agree. That’s why canceled the Sunday ticket. Why the **** should I pay to watch that. It’s awful. I’d rather watch the RedZone and check my FF team. Every year I care a little less about them.

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