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  1. 1 hour ago, Alka said:

    I did not intend to state that I couldn't care less what you thought.  I was trying to talk more in generalizations. From what I've seen in Joe Douglas being interviewed, I feel quite confident that he couldn't care less what other people thought about his decisions.  He is quite a confident person, and I do appreciate that about him.

    I appreciate other opinions, because other opinions make you think about every side of an argument.   From following the Jets for many decades now, I think one of the best trades ever made was in moving up in the 1st round for Derelle Revis.  And in the second round, we got Daivd Harris.  That was pretty much the entire draft that year, and it was a great success, IMHO.

    You said you could care less which means you weren’t 100% on the amount of caring you were doing. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Alka said:

    Do you realize that the Jets haven't had a decent left guard since Faneca played left guard for them. The players thrown out by other teams that we picked up didn't work out.  The drafted players in the 3rd round and down didn't work, and the players we traded for by giving up a 7th or 6th round draft pick didn't work.

    The Jets needed a "sure thing" and they felt that getting up to get Vera Tucker was the "sure thing" that they needed.

    To other teams who didn't miss time and time again it may not have been a good trade.  For the Jets, it was a great trade.  To finally nail down their left guard to play next to Becton, and solidify the running game to the left side hopefully for the next decade, the trade made all the sense in the world.

    I could care less what others think, and I can promise you 1000% that Joe Douglas could care less what other people feel about the trade as well.

    If you and Joe Douglas were so confident neither of you would be able to care less about what I think. 

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Defense Wins Championships said:


    2-2 in the playoffs and 3/4 of those playoff games were mediocre to horrible. 

    He's had 1 good playoff games and 3 crap one's (while carried by his Defense).

    Josh Allen getting over $250M is an absolute joke for a QB who's unproven during postseason pressure. 

    Only Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers/Patrick Mahomes "deserves" that type of money. 

    Hence I hope he figures out how to win on his own. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Mike135 said:

    I wrestled for a couple months in middle school.

    Immediately walked out of practice and quit the day the coach began teaching the move where you shove a thumb up your opponent's ass.

    I mean at first I laughed.  Figuring the coach was joking. 

    He wasn't joking.  So I walked out.


    To each their own.  

    I wrestled for years and was never taught or seen anyone teach it. 
    Great Olympics Wrestling showing by the US. It’s growing in America again thanks to MMA. 


  5. 3 hours ago, Doggin94it said:

    Chase Young or Nick Bosa. It's really simple: the most important positions on the field, in order, are QB, LT, EDGE. We have an LT in Becton. Lawson fits as one Edge but he's not dominant and having a young, dominant pass rusher on the other side of him would be game changing. 

    Exactly QB is the most important position so do everything possible to help him succeed. OL, WRs, TEs and a ground game. I’m not worried about defense until the offense is sorted. 

  6. If you could add any current non QB player to the Jets who would you add? 

    Almost every year lately I’ve picked an OL but this year I’d say Tarvis Kelce. He’d be a huge help to Zach and the growth of the team. Zach would have his go to target and security blanket that’s a nightmare to cover. 

    Derrick Henry would be second for the same reasons. He’d take a lot of pressure off Zach running the ball down the defense’s throat and bringing players in tighter. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, slimjasi said:

    But, here's the thing - Everyone here is overpaid and makes plenty of money. That's not the issue. 

    The bottom line is that the money either goes to the owners (billionaires) or players (millionaires). Us fans pay more each and every year, regardless. In that case, I'd rather more money go to the players - who happen to also be the talent/attraction. 

    I’d rather both get less and it cost the fans less

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