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  1. The coach sucking. Zach is going to need time to learn how to play in the NFL so he’s probably not going to be good for a while.
  2. They’ll be picking just low enough to miss out on a franchise changing player/trade. Around 5. The team isn’t going to be good this year. Rookie coaching staff, rookie QB, rookies at important positions, first year oline. It’s going to be a shtshow
  3. Worried. The Jets don’t have the best track record.
  4. Small caliber and bad aim. We use to say that about the Chinese priest at Sunday school.
  5. Or I like Ace Ventura. Whatever fits your agenda or joke. No sure what direction you’re going with the ridiculousness of society.
  6. Wrong place wrong time and he was an innocent bystander?? Something isn’t stirring the Kool-Aid.
  7. Wow. It’s nice to see good contracts and sht
  8. If he fails as a HC he’ll make a great cheerleader
  9. 1. Josh Allen 2. Cam Newton/Tua Tagovailoa 4. Zack Wilson (he hasn’t played a down yet so no one knows)
  10. South Florida would of covered it lol
  11. It’s not like he’s a small guy either. He might of sucked as a NFL player but he’s still a big athletic fcker
  12. They deserved to get knocked out. 5 on 1 and they still couldn’t get him.
  13. That’s a world class athlete that happened to, it’s crazy that something like that could happen to him. One of the rugby players on our team died of a heart attack on the pitch a few years ago during the match. You just never know. Being healthy and in shape doesn’t mean you’re safe.
  14. 57 Completion % 3,250 Passing Yards 19 Passing TDs 22 Interceptions 250 Rushing Yards 2 Rushing TDs
  15. It’s a good addition for the Titan. If you key on Henry and leave Jones and Brown in single coverage they’re going to burn you enough to make you change it up. If you have to double them up Henry is going to keep moving the chains. Jones doesn’t need to have 1000 yards and 10 TDs to be effective. If he’s second in stats to Brown but helps the team win it was a good trade.
  16. I never get my hopes up that high with this team
  17. The team is going to suck, it’s loaded with rookies and young players from the HC down. I just want to see improvement throughout the year.
  18. Christian McCaffery (if he’s healthy and not parked on my bench)
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