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  1. 10 hours ago, deucebag said:

    The NBA, NHL and MLB took time off, initially to see if Covid would disappear like a miracle with warmer weather and then in order to develop a plan.  Well the plans have worked for the most part, and the NFL should be following their leads.  The inherent obstacles in terms of succeeding for the NFL are:

    1) Volume of personnel:  there are upwards of 100 individuals on each NFL team that spend time together, not counting off the street practice squad pick-ups and dont forget the risks involved when players switch teams.

    2)  The cancellation of ONE NFL GAME can wreck an entire season.  Hmmm seems that adding in an extra bye weeks or two would have been an intelligent choice.  Assuming more games are cancelled, the season will have to be extended for make-up games.

    3)  The NFL season is heading into the winter when viruses are much more transmissible.  

    4)  An NFL playoff bubble is possible, but not likely, again due to the sheer volume of personnel.

    5)  Are NFL players being as careful as MLB, NHL and NBA players were?  So far NO, the coaches dont even want to wear masks.

    6)  The impact of Trump catching it.  Not meant to be political - but picture the spin: "I am completely recovered after just a few days, and I will say, It's not serious, not nearly as serious as the flu, open schools and the economy NOW, STAND FORWARD AND LIBERATE AMERICA!"  What will be left out are the facts of the level of care Trump got and how early it was determined he caught it - since he gets tested daily.  Most civilians will not get a test until they feel symptoms and the viral load has grown and possibly already entered the lungs.   Additionally Trump received an experimental therapeutic that will be instantly FDA approved upon his recovery - great, but how many of us will be able to afford the out of pocket costs?  He is also receiving Remdesivir- which costs between $3,120-$5,700 based on the length of treatment prescribed (love big pharma) - based on your particular insurance carrier the out of pocket cost could be in the hundreds.  I fully expect once Trump is recovered a significant portion of the US Population will be unmasked and living life to the fullest, creating rampant spread (that will reach professional athletes) and hospital overload.    

    That’s not political at all lol

  2. 24 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    So what's the solution?  Wait until we don't suck to draft the QB?  Because that isn't going to happen.  You can't afford to "kick the can down the road" when it comes to QB's.  

    Bring in a legitimate HC candidate like Greg Roman, draft the QB (whichever one that is), and watch as this team makes some dramatic improvement.  Players who were JAGs before will start to look like key pieces.  Injuries will magically stop being a problem.  Teams that have been in horrid shape can, and do, get significantly better when a new HC/QB combo arrives on the scene.

    Fix the HC first like I said when the dumbasses in the FO thought it was a good idea to hire Gase. Getting a good QB with him at coach is pointless. He’ll just ruin another player’s career. 
    I remember being endlessly called out for saying that. Look at where we are now

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  3. 1 minute ago, Scoop24 said:

    Luck knows how to read defenses and didnt crumble under every blitz . Yall can pile up the excuses for Sam all yall want. But he makes plenty of self inflicted mistakes by himself. 

    I’m not defending Sam. I’ve said many times I don’t know if he’s the right QB or not but I’m 100% positive Gase isn’t the right HC

    My point as far as this thread is Trevor isn’t as good as some people are making him out to be. He’s good but he’s not generational and Luck is from the same generation so is Mahomes. How many QBs are generational for the last 20 to 30 years?

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  4. 7 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    I couldn't agree more with this post.  

    I don't know a lot about Fields or Lawrence - but I am on the record of going with whichever QB is more of threat with their legs.  We want a super athlete at the QB position.  Today's NFL is built for guys like that.

    QBs that can throw first run second. Jackson is a prime example of why you need a QB that wants to throw first. He’s not winning a SB until he figures this out. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Scoop24 said:

    Luck was a top flight QB from day 1. His oline was sh*t he had 1 legit WR in TY , and still performed at high level .  He didnt need  a perfect roster and book worth of excuses like a certain other QB needs.

    one thing for sure scouts dont miss on generational QB prospects. Elway, Peyton, Luck all legit

    Trevor is going to go into the same sh*tty situation and Luck never won a championship. 

  6. 31 minutes ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

    P Manning stayed in school because Parcells wouldn't commit to taking him with the #1 pick.  Get your facts straight.  And what Greenburg did is absurd. I lost all respect for him.  He is no better than Beningo.  These media guys who are Jets fans just like to play into the narrative that the Jets are dysfunctional.  Douglas appears to be the real thing and deserves a few drafts.  


    Change the coach and bring in some talent and this turns around in a hurry.  Don't forget, the Jets went from  1-15 to 9-7 in one year under Parcells.  Coaching is everything in the NFL.


    The Jets need to bring in a big name coach.  I would throw the bank at Harbaugh.  He's a proven NFL winner.  Most college coaches don't make it in the NFL.  Not interested in Sweney.  

    Fact. The Jets suck and are one of the most embarrassing franchise in all of sports. 

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  7. 6 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    Look if we get the #1 pick. These are all true statements:

    1. We will have a new coaching staff by the draft that is offensive minded and good at developing QBs

    They have a new coaching staff every few years and suck. 

    6 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    2. Trevor will make more in the NY market than anywhere other than Dallas

    That’s not even remotely true. It’s not 1960. There are a bunch of huge markets and winning helps make money. The Jets can’t win sh*t.  

    6 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    3. The Jets have another first after Trevor and then 2 the following year to get him more weapons and protection

    That’s the first thing that’s is good. 

    6 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    4. There is no guarantee he stays healthy if he goes back to college

    Obviously, there’s zero chance he goes back to college but that doesn’t mean he will play for the Jets. He can force a trade. 

    6 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    He will come out and play for the Jets. The Eli Manning thing was about money pure and simple.


    Eli wanted to play for the Giants not the Jets. The Giants actually win Super Bowls. 

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