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  1. He’s sh*t as an NFL QB and baseball players and probably TE. He is a good person, successful, dedicated and good for the locker room and obviously jersey sales but that still doesn’t make him a good QB.
  2. Damn that’s hard Sit here I’m glad your sister came over Your Mom’s taste better Stop playing with it and eat it You’re going to choke Want me to toss the salad
  3. They could just be getting him use to the receiver stuff if they plan on him playing like McCaffrey. He already knows how to play RB.
  4. Nothing. It’s to be expected at this point.
  5. Smart signing. His fans love him so they’ll sell tickets. He’s a good athlete so if he properly trained as a TE he’ll be able to make the team as a back up.
  6. Moore still looks good. It’s a start
  7. No it means he’s sh*t or they wouldn’t be getting players to replace him.
  8. If he was healthy they wouldn’t be cutting him.
  9. I said the same thing. ****, he might be good for them and that’s faster then his 40 time.
  10. Great if they start a relay team
  11. Lovely. Thank fck it happened now so he’ll just be out of shape in the being of the season and not on crutches.
  12. Let’s hope they think he’s a probowler and plays his ass off this year. If he has a great next few years I’d gladly forget about the Gase Abortion.
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