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  1. @Charlie Brown because they are running him and sending him out on blocks. He’s old
  2. Ok we can check the Jags off the list, they’re better then he Jets. Next
  3. Or 3 wide with the TE running a pattern and not blocking with the RB going off center on 2nd down.
  4. Dear Gase. That’s called a fullback. You use them when you’re trying to get short yardage and running the ball.
  5. The Jags defense has sucked this year and they’ve spend picks and money on it.
  6. Why the hell would you design a play with an old ass QB as a blocker?
  7. Stop. There’s not one thing that says he was part of a trafficking ring. He was a horny old rich guy that was getting a wank from a old asian lady. If anything it should be a fine.
  8. He’d still be the best player on this offense. RIP
  9. Even the sports hosts are saying he’s doing good. He’s the only one though. How’s the punter doing?
  10. All of the NFL is down. A lot of people are turned off by what’s going on with them. As far as the Jets who the hell wants to watch that?

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