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  1. At least most of you stopped talking about Watson. I can wait for the draft to be closer so people can post about players the Jets need to draft that they’ve never seen play.
  2. Neither has anyone else on the board.
  3. I expect nothing less from you lol
  4. I completely forgot the left tackle got hurt.
  5. The Packers need to fire the offensive line coach. The line is the reason they lost the game.
  6. If I’m Houston I wouldn’t do anything since there’s a no trade clause and Watson can’t do anything but sit out and your trade is ridiculous
  7. I wouldn’t mind if they take a WR with their first pick and a CB with their second. I’d prefer if they traded down a little bit to do it though.
  8. And why would he want to come here. He’s on borrowed time.
  9. You dreamed you didn’t have a penis?
  10. Did you think he was going to say they’re a bunch of unorganized morons that have no business owning an NFL team?
  11. I’ve always argued that Montana was the GOAT. It’s impossible to say that now. I can still say he’s the best Super Bowl QB of all time at least. Fcking Brady
  12. I’m in Florida we don’t do Covid
  13. I couldn’t care less who wins the Super Bowl. I’m just going to the bar for the party and gambling
  14. Rogers being 1-4 in championship games shows you need a balanced team not just a QB.
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