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  1. Nice pick @Jdub03. I was going for him with my next pick. He’d be great on KC.
  2. Rinse and repeat. They’ve been doing this for 50 years. I’d rather them draft Justin Fields.
  3. Holy hell he was drafted in 08. It doesn’t seem that far away.
  4. Sorry @Lith I didn’t think he was going to make it to the 5th round so a traded up. Adding him to the Bills offense with Allen’s arm could be interesting. As long as he doesn’t get killed. Watching him play he is good at avoiding hits so he might be ok.
  5. @Lith we traded back the real trade
  6. Pick 134 Buffalo Bills WR - Tutu Atwell, Louisville @Lith otc @T0mShane otd
  7. Trade - @King P Vikings 134 Bills 174 & 181
  8. Vernon Gholston is by far the biggest draft bust of late and possible the biggest ever.
  9. I was trying to trade up to get him but failed miserably
  10. I’m waiting 3 or 4 years after the draft to see if they start over again.
  11. I’m looking to trade up into the 4th round. I have three 5th rounders. I’ll trade two for a similar value 4th.
  12. About the Jets? Nothing, after 45 years of the same rebuilding crap over and over I have no hope or excitement about them. Until they show me they can win and make it to the playoffs on a regular basis it won’t change.
  13. I have three 5th round picks and I’m looking to trade up into the 4th.
  14. 93rd pick Buffalo DB - Elijah Molden, Washington @T0mShane on the cock @IndianaJet on the dick
  15. I believe he was already drafted. Yea, by Philly in the top of the 2nd round
  16. OL first. They can get a receiving RB later on. This is a deep draft for backs.
  17. Nice pick. I had him and Jones on the top of my list. I don’t have a 4th so I’m trying to get capital to get one.
  18. 63rd pick - Buffalo DE - Patrick Jones II Screw the U @IndianaJet otc @NYJetsVets91 od
  19. Trade: Buffalo - 61 KC - 63 181 @Jdub03
  20. Still looking to trade down with the 61st pick
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