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  1. 6 minutes ago, Cp561 said:

    Curious why he wasn't drafted? I remember seeing him being mocked around the 4-6 rounds

    I was just going to ask that. It’s fun to look at the UDFA and late picks but in reality 90% are making the team. 

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  2. Just now, Creepy Lurker said:

    Who is ED? Or are you saying to get erectile dysfunction? 

    For you erectile dysfunction. You’re so ugly you couldn’t give a priest a hard on. 

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  3. It’s one draft of a new regime and the QB is more important. Get the QB, protect him and put players around him that can actually contribute then get ED, CB, LB etc. 

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  4. 57 minutes ago, undertow said:

    Nobody knows if any of these players will pan out but this is what's most encouraging.   What needed to be done was obvious and it wasn't pass rushers and trading down at the top of the draft.

    Or DTs and SSs when the OL and playermakers suck.  

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  5. 9 minutes ago, Mike135 said:

    See oline and wr corps last season.

    Both arguably the worst in the NFL.

    Yes it was his first year, but damn... even a tiny bit of improvement would have been nice.  Becton was a plus, but that corps of WRs was just sad.

    Even if it doesn’t workout he still drafted smart. He picked positions and players that made sense. 

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  6. 28 minutes ago, southtown24th said:

    You were more optimistic about:

    Our GM


    Our HC


    Our Starting QB


    At the SAME exact time.

    I will wait...

    All 3 at one, single time.


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