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  1. He’s gone and his post is hidden. He’s also done it in the past. It took only a few minutes you inpatient
  2. I agree. I wonder if he can play defense lol
  3. This is pretty much what we want to see. Bosa will probably have a good game if not great but I want to see what Becton does later in the game. Does he fold and become Bosa’s bitch or does he keep fighting.
  4. This. Every second down with no FB or extra TEs.
  5. You never know. Half the board has a major boner for Davis because he’s white and ran fast
  6. Gore is old as **** Perine is a rookie so we have no idea and was injured Davis?? He’s not a RB maybe a fill in emergency WR
  7. Of course he’s on my FF team and had a chance to put up 50
  8. One players isn’t going to turn this franchise around. They could get a top QB with the first that’s traded to them as well as other multiple other players with the rest of the extra picks. I’m talking about a Herschel Walker type haul. Otherwise yes take TL or whoever so we can get our hopes up and they end up sucking or the HC and or GM suck and they ruin his career and we can look for the next great savior.
  9. Fire Gase, let JD pick his own HC, trade away the first pick only if they can get at least 2 firsts and 2 seconds. If not draft which ever QB is the best choice.

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