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  1. Damn they must of really liked Moore if they could of traded down
  2. Dallas definitely has the nicest draft room
  3. JOK Jenkins Dickerson Azeez Marshall Williams etc I’m glad I don’t have to make this pick lol
  4. B. I’m not sold on Wilson and didn’t like giving up so much for AVT but I like the way he’s going about the draft. Get a QB, protect him and put players around him.
  5. They’re in a great spot if they pick or trade down. I would be happy with OC, ED, CB, WR, TE, RB. There’s so much talent left
  6. Style is related to age and demographics.
  7. He’s blocking not dating your daughter
  8. That fat prick doesn’t look hungry
  9. At least now he’ll be able to afford a suit that fits him
  10. Hurry the **** up. I’m getting up at 4
  11. Jesus the Dolphins didn’t waste any time
  12. It’s the draft not queer eye for the straight guy
  13. To the Pats and become Ben Roethlisberger
  14. Do this one. I hope I’m wrong and Wilson is the real deal. I’m sick of them rebuilding every 3 or 4 years. I personally would of taken Fields or kept Darnold traded down loaded up on picks and took a QB next year if Darnold still sucked. For the love of Christ get one QB pick right in my lifetime. Signed draft night 2021, Mick
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