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  1. Rogers being 1-4 in championship games shows you need a balanced team not just a QB.
  2. Way to implode and lose the game GB. Fckaske. I have to watch this spoiled pompous dbag in another SB
  3. The refs have been calling it equally so I don’t have in issue with the no call.
  4. If Green Bay’s receivers could catch as well as the DBs they’d be winning
  5. Minus the zubas I relate to them quite well lol
  6. I’ve been to Bills Dolphins games and I watch the Jets games at a Bills bar. I have no issue with their fans
  7. You think the Bills have one of the most obnoxious fan bases?? They’re one of the most laid back fan bases. As far as the game. I want the Bills to win. It would be a double FU to the Pats. Their ex QB makes the SB and their division rival makes the SB. Belly’s cheating ass will look like the bum he dresses like.
  8. It should still be an option. He doesn’t get traded this season is my vote.
  9. It wasn’t a shot to the head according to the million doctors and specialists that talked about it. It was the lack of oxygen going to his brain similar to being hit in the neck or an mma choke.
  10. As far as McCown goes. There’s no way someone hires him as a HC without ever coaching anywhere
  11. There’s so many post to hide I gave up after one. Max doesn’t want religion or race talked about on the main board. There’s a place for it
  12. Nice job putting that together but wtf. 4 first round picks?? That would cripple this team.
  13. That’s good. No worries, I was too lazy to look up anything.
  14. Let’s see what happens without Gase and numbnuts designing and calling plays
  15. Or if they put a good team and coaching around him and he plays better they will too. I gladly welcome that. One step at a time.
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