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  1. Manziel might have been the most over hype prospect ever by some fans, mostly because middle aged moms wanted to ride him. There’s a reason he was drafted 22nd. Wilson who is also very overrated by a lot of Jet fans because they’re desperate to get a FQB is not falling out of the top ten or even five.
  2. No matter what they do with the second pic if they draft a quarterback, trade down and draft a quarterback or trade down keep Sam they have to take an offense of player with the 2nd and 23rd pic. There’s no way you could put a rookie quarterback on that office with no help or leave Sam on that all fence with no help. Picking a defense of player would be the dumbest move they could do. I voice text this while I was driving so I hope it makes sense.
  3. Why has he had so many different therapists?? It’s around 40. Half say he tried stuff half said he didn’t. It sounds like he was bouncing around trying to see which ones would give him something and feeling them out. It’s kind of like when you’re at a bar. Depending on the feel I get from the waitress/bartender I decide if I try to ride her or not.
  4. I’d be happy with this. One trade down and a bunch of picks.
  5. I’d rather take the chance with a player from a big school. They have a higher success rate.
  6. There’s a long list of QBs that suck as well.
  7. Why? He played against no one in college.
  8. He was mentioned a few times. Mel ranked him lower then some fans think he should be because he’s tied to the Jets not because he hasn’t played against top colleges.
  9. Has Wilson played against any good competition? Half the teams on his schedule I’ve never heard of.
  10. He is the most important player in Jets history but he’s not the best and he’s not even a top 25 quarterback of all time in the NFL
  11. Joe is the most overrated player in Jets history but he’s still the face of the franchise. Revis could of been if he stayed on course and didn’t let his ego get the best of him.
  12. I’ve lost track. How many women have accused him now?
  13. It depends on what they do at 2.
  14. They are doing their due diligence. If they can’t trade up with the Jets and pick Wilson at two they’re going to probably pick Jones at whatever pic they end up with because they keep trading the damn thing so I can’t keep up.
  15. Thanks 83. I like some of those names. This could be a good draft and thank fck they’re looking at RBs.
  16. Sport writers have been speculating this for a few weeks now but no one outside of this muppet has said they’re talking.
  17. Not sure but if I was in prison I’d do Wilson.
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