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  1. I’m not saying good bye but I’ve already stopped watching team until things change. I got rid of the Sunday ticket and I barely watch any football unless it’s replays of old games. I’m watching 1994 Texas vs Oklahoma at the moment. Much better tackling and more fun to watch then today’s games.
  2. It doesn’t matter what ingredients you buy if they chef can’t cook. Fix the HC.
  3. Fix the HC first like I said when the dumbasses in the FO thought it was a good idea to hire Gase. Getting a good QB with him at coach is pointless. He’ll just ruin another player’s career. I remember being endlessly called out for saying that. Look at where we are now
  4. I’m not defending Sam. I’ve said many times I don’t know if he’s the right QB or not but I’m 100% positive Gase isn’t the right HC My point as far as this thread is Trevor isn’t as good as some people are making him out to be. He’s good but he’s not generational and Luck is from the same generation so is Mahomes. How many QBs are generational for the last 20 to 30 years?
  5. QBs that can throw first run second. Jackson is a prime example of why you need a QB that wants to throw first. He’s not winning a SB until he figures this out.
  6. I’ll take Fields and the extra picks they’d get from trading away the first pick.
  7. Luck would of sucked playing for this Jets team and Gase unless he was as good at calling plays as Peyton Manning.
  8. No idea at this point but it’s not looking good. He shows flashes of quality and flash of garbage. It doesn’t help having a terrible HC and OC.
  9. Trevor is going to go into the same sh*tty situation and Luck never won a championship.
  10. Fact. The Jets suck and are one of the most embarrassing franchise in all of sports.
  11. I remember when Luck was going to be the greatest QB to step on the field. That worked out real good. How many generational talents can there be in one generation.
  12. What? Peyton stayed in school so he didn’t have to play for the Jets.
  13. They have a new coaching staff every few years and suck. That’s not even remotely true. It’s not 1960. There are a bunch of huge markets and winning helps make money. The Jets can’t win sh*t. That’s the first thing that’s is good. Obviously, there’s zero chance he goes back to college but that doesn’t mean he will play for the Jets. He can force a trade. Eli wanted to play for the Giants not the Jets. The Giants actually win Super Bowls.
  14. Wait till the end of the season then fire his useless ass and let the red flag hobbit go with him.

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