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  1. He’s an idiot for not going to KC. Adding him to that offense would be deadly.
  2. They signed Cole over Juju because he would sign here for the price they wanted to spend.
  3. You think the Jags are going to pass on Trevor Lawrence for Mighty Mouse or do you think the Jets are going to trade the 2nd and 23rd possible more to get the first pick? I don’t see either of them happening.
  4. There’s no chance they’re getting Trevor Lawrence
  5. A lot of people don’t agree with but that a discussion to be had in the clubs not on the forum. The point was if you’re going to stand on a soap box for one cause you probably shouldn’t be destroying another one. This of course is if he is guilty.
  6. That’s the type of player we need on the defense. Enough of this pussyfooting around crap. Let’s get some hitting.
  7. Ok so he was good at FS but sucked at Slot CB so the Raiders left him at Slot CB and let him walk. Are they stupid?
  8. Technically it’s between her cheeks not in her butthole. That’s another picture.
  9. That was before social justice and Watson is a big believer in that so
  10. It looks like Denver is the current favor so they’ll need to open the checkbook
  11. I wanted to keep Robbie but that doesn’t change where players want to go. If a FA doesn’t want to play for a losing franchise in one of the most expensive over crowded over taxed over lawed places to live in the United States it’s not the GM’s fault. He’s obviously getting the best players he can.
  12. FFS give him a chance to see what he can do. Not every players wants to come to the Jets. He’s taking what he can get.
  13. That’s because I thought the Jets were interested in signing him.
  14. I didn’t say he was Tom Rathman. I said he’d pick up the blitz and he’s perfectly fine as a receiver. He’s also not on the Jets so who cares?
  15. 70 catches in the first two seasons and he does pick up the blitz.
  16. Have you watched him play? He’s a good runner, good receiver and picks up the blitz.
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