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  1. Why did he leave Arizona and go to a small school? He too small to play NT.
  2. Marino looks like a good late round pick. And the Jet fans could finally get their Marino jersey.
  3. The point was what do they need to do to make a winning team. The answer is a lot.
  4. As pointed out by other posters. Those are old contracts. The number is going to be much higher.
  5. I was saying the same thing until I seen WRs contracts. Anderson is going to get around 12/13 a year. Maybe more if a team thinks he puts them over the edge.
  6. Ok then even if you say the slot CB is the 2nd best on the team is Poole the 6th best CB in the NFL? I’d say no.
  7. That was point. Slot CBs aren’t the top CBs on the team. They put the 3rd best CB there.
  8. Who gives a ****? This is a Jets message board and in order for the Jets to make it to the SB they need to beat teams outside of the AFCE.
  9. Slot CB yes but not CB. You could easily but more the five other CBs at his position that are better then him.
  10. Bell? No, he was awful last year. Yes the oline is sh*t but Bell look bad. Darnold? No, he isn’t top ten yet much less top five. Maye ? No, he’s not top 5.
  11. At there respective position is there anyone that’s in the top five on the Jets. Mosley if he’s healthy is in there but I can’t think of anyone else.
  12. I’ve always said if you’re have a blocking only TE just use an undersized OL and teach him how to catch if he doesn’t know how already.

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