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  1. Simple fix. 1. Lose enough games to get the number 1 pick 2. Fire Gase 3. Trade the number one pick for a kings ransom including multiple picks in 21 including a 1st and 2nd and a 1st and 2nd in 22 4. Draft Fields 5. Draft WR and ED in the second 6. Draft and Sign other needed positions, pretty much all of them 7. Rebuild over the next 3 years with the extra picks 8. Championship
  2. I was completely wrong about QB Josh Allen (I was right about ED Josh Allen). I thought he’d be awful. What a huge improvement this year. Damn.
  3. I don’t know why Jet fans are getting their hopes up. They’re either not getting him or he’s going to suck if they do. Face reality already people.
  4. You pick one hell of a season to come back lol
  5. It’s good here. He was just being a douche.
  6. Indy is definitely a female, she’s also cool as hell and knows football. Hi @indygirl4jets it’s been a while
  7. I didn’t say I thought they should hire him. He doesn’t have enough experience as far as I’m considered. He wouldn’t even be in my top 5. I was just pointing out he’s on the offensive side of the ball.

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