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  1. He’s from Alabama, Cam Newton only had to go to school there lol
  2. Is he the only one that’s going for a second interview?
  3. That explains a lot
  4. Yea. Fields went 1. It was after Clemson lost and everyone was crowning Fields as a future HOFer.
  5. I did this mock draft not long ago. It’s crazy how much Smith has rose. If we could get that draft now this site would meltdown
  6. No RBs that high there’s enough in the draft to get one in the 2 or 3rd. If they’re keeping Sam get Sewell or Chase/Smith at 2 then take the best available OT/WR at 23. If they don’t keep Sam draft a QB at 2 then draft the best WR/OT at 23. They can draft a RB like Gainwell in the 2nd or 3rd.
  7. Oh no. I didn’t get any upvotes. Are you going to vote me off the island? You clearly aren’t keeping up. I said the Bears defense was sucking (because they were giving up too many plays), you said they only gave up 7 points but after that they crumbled and NO walked their way into the end zone and easily stayed on the field and won the game.
  8. I’m going to guess the ones that said the bears sucked or their defense sucked etc in this thread. Their defense had a bad game. You can spin it anyway you want.
  9. No all. Just you. Obviously you can’t win by only scoring 20 points in today’s NFL, I guess Baltimore didn’t win then.
  10. They’re tired because they gave up one play after enough so NO just slowly went up the field. How many first downs did they give up?
  11. Or by letting the other teams offense do one long drive after another eating up the clock. They suck
  12. So it’s the bears offense’s fault that their defense could get NO off the field. Right
  13. You were saying? They only gave up 20 points in the half and 2 hours of possession. World class
  14. How many Super Bowls has he help the bears get? Hell how many playoff wins has he helped the bears get? I want the team to win playoff games and Super Bowls not watch the players in the pro bowl.
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