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  1. https://www.costumepub.com/p-24385-happy-halloweenie-costume.aspx?nvariantid=77381
  2. Maybe stop signing guys with an injury history and get a new ****ing training staff for the love of Christ
  3. Johnson brothers - they hired Gase and every sh*tty god awful pathetic useless piece of sh*t worthless motherless **** GMs Gase - worst coach in Jets history up there with Kotite Bell - he needs to retire Darnold - awful coaching and bad team but he needs to play better
  4. Even if this isn’t old he’s sitting down. How is he supposed to eat with a mask on?
  5. Winning solves everything. He’s not winning. As I said if he starts winning playoff games I will be the first one to say I was wrong he’s a good coach but at some point if this keeps up you need to except he’s a sh*t coach.
  6. FFS are jet fans easy to troll, you over sensitive puss***. Just like the writer stop responding and posting their stuff and they’ll go away.
  7. Actually I’m getting less and less interested every year.
  8. Roman would be my first choice. Obviously Bienemy is going to get a lot of votes but why has he been passed over so many times? There’s a reason why he’s not being hired. That is a huge red flag.
  9. Works for me. He shouldn’t of been hired to start with. I hope he’s fired before he ruins Darnold’s career. As I stated when he was first hired and got killed for it.
  10. Unfortunately they would of put up 600 against the Jets. They’re fing awful.
  11. The Skins and Jags should have better records then the Jets this year.
  12. The good - They sh’t the bed straight away and now I care even less about the season so cancelled DTV and the Sunday Ticket and now have my sundays free.
  13. Ronnie Lott and Ed Reed couldn’t help this team win. They suck. On the bright side we can stop hearing about how David is the next coming of football jesus.

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