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  1. He doesn’t need to. It’s not the 90s. He just has to do him
  2. Fcksake could your post be any longer.
  3. I normally go to the range with 1000 rounds of ammo and 5 to 10 mags as well as a 50 and 100 round drum.
  4. Because he’s a TE and the team has more pressing needs. If they take a QB then obviously that’s the 1st if they don’t the team needs another OT, IOL, CB, ED, WR and then RB and TE. If they can trade down a few spots and pick up a 2nd this year plus and then draft Pitts and get OL/CB/ED/WR with the next 4 picks then get Gainwell, I’ll start wanking it.
  5. I’ve met a lot of athletes working clubs and football players aren’t the brightest but they’re a lot smarter then a lot of the other athletes I’ve met. I’d say boxers were dumbest.
  6. They’re not taking a QB and will still get a top WR or OT plus future picks. They have a bunch of high future picks so the move was smart. They can pick players to build around Tua this year and see how he progresses. If he does well then they have more high picks to get needed pieces. If he does back they have ammo to move up next year if needed. If he does really back they have the top pick as well as more high picks. It’s actually a good way to build the team. Unfortunately it’s the fcking Dolphins.
  7. I’ve been calling him Mighty Mouse so I’ll stick with that.
  8. There’s plenty of players worth moving up for.
  9. It’s not a bad trade by Miami. They’re still in a great position to get a top prospect and they picked up a 1st. I hate Miami but there’s nothing bad about the trade.
  10. He moves to RT and Sewell play LT. It would be a smart move by Cincy. If they get their OL sort JB is going to pick apart the defense.
  11. I was busy today so I’m late to the party but damn. That would of been a nice trade for the Jets.
  12. I’ll be drafting him in the mock.
  13. It was before Sunday school
  14. That might throw up a red flag on character
  15. If it’s a cheap vet signing that knows the coaching staff and schemes I have no issue with them signing them.
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