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  1. Only if it's glued to my wife's hand at the time.

    LOL, I'll see what I can do.

    DHJF, if you like Coltrane checkout Bobby Stern, he plays faster then Coltrane did, he was my xs teacher. I've seen him a few times before he moved to Spain, he's a bad bitch.

    Type O Negative - Vampire The Masquerade

    Beatles - Love Me Do

    Joe Satriani & Steve Vai - 212 Overture

    Fuel - Had A Bad Day Again

    Trans Siberian Orchestra - Beethoven's 5th

  2. would you understand better if i had said "a man with a small pecker who couldnt satisfy an apple pie? " the point was not the width of the jar.. but the idea of not being able to satisfy an inanimate subject... :lol: OY!

    why is everything so hard today? ( present company excluded :D )

    Oh, I got you. I just thought you had a big *****. Kind of like throwing a hotdog down a hallway or sticking your dick in a warm bowl of soup.

  3. Cake - Wheels

    G. Love & The Special Sauce - Baby's Got Sauce

    Iron Maiden - Aces High

    Beatles - Yellow Submarine

    Kermit the Frog - The Rainbow Conncection

    LOL, please tell me that's a band I never heard of and not Kermit.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

    DJ Danny D - I Will Follow You

    Texas Tornados - Una Mas Cervesa (LMAO, nothing like Mexican country music)

    Opeth - Closure

    Miles Davis - My One And Only Love (Good dinner music :boohoo:)

  4. I had two dogs for the last 6 years and a few weeks ago both of them died. I seriously had never felt pain like it before and I can't see myself ever commiting or becoming so attached to a dog again. It was just far too painful an experience to go through again.

    Do you need a hug?

  5. maybe should have said coke bottle, aren't peanut butter jars wide??

    carry on

    Good point, the opening on a jar of peanut butter is rather large. What have you been sticking in your cookie that you would compare it to something of that size??


  6. absolutely.. same theory as when a man talks about all his conquests etc.. usually means he is guy with a small pecker who couldnt satisfy a jar of peanut butter. :lol:

    I heard that a woman could get satisfied with a jar of peanut butter and a friendly German Shepherd.

  7. britches in the general sense, sweetie.. :D

    i have seen pictures of you, you seem to be petite.. not that there is anything wrong with that. :lol: not all women can be voluptuous. ;) i am sure you have other strengths.

    When a woman say she's voluptuous = fat

    When a man says a woman is voluptuous = big ass and ****

  8. WTF, I listened to the album on myspace and it's complete ****. It's a weak ass version of GNR it reminds me of the crap that Metalicca has been putting out for the last few years. It's a shame that none of the good hard rock bands from the 90's can play anything worth listening to, it's all a bunch of ***** rock for the preps to play in their dooms when they're not listening to Usher. Complete ****, it just ruined my ****ing morning. AC/DC at least had a few good songs on Black Ice other then that most rock suck donkey dick, Axl's dumb ass should have put on AFD while he was writing that terd of an album. ****ing douce.

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