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  1. Conference Championships QB - Donovan McNabb - Philly
  2. Vick would get 1500 rushing if he played for Miami it would be the best fit for his style.
  3. That makes more sense then Will the Jets get burned by waiting till after playoffs for Ryan?. The word available is rather important as far as Ryan goes, if you mean we'll wait to sign him and then he'll sign with someone else and then the guy that was our second choice will already be gone then it makes more sense but you didn't mention that so again it doesn't really make much sense. Is that a run on sentence?
  4. He's under contract I thought we had to wait until he was done??
  5. It's fun and there's about 5000 of them on the net so way not on here?
  6. Welker should be on the list, he's the best slot receiver in the NFL.
  7. Bring in Joe Klecko, he seems to know what he's talking about and I'm sure the players would listen to him. This is a message to Ryan who I hope will be our next HC
  8. I would hire him as a LBer coach or LBer coach/Ass DC and then let him work his way up the coaching ladder if he could but no one in their right mind would hire him as a HC. I don't even think Al Davis would hire him and he'd hire just about anyone to be a coach.
  9. LOL, I can do better then that, South Florida public schooling, it works everytime.
  10. Considering I really like blues style rock you'd think I would have listened to more Clapton but I really don't know him well that being said my favorite song by him would be Crossroads.
  11. If we're looking for a home run hitter then we should look at Darrius Heyward-Bey from Maryland, I just don't want to take a WR with our first pick. All though he could be there in the 2nd, I think after the combine he is going to go up.
  12. We can get a WR in the second round.
  13. Can you tell me what the lotto numbers are going to be for Wed? I could use a few mill.
  14. As long as it doesn't scratch the wooden floors sure go head, if it does then you're going to have to do it in the bathroom.
  15. You can come by and swipe and mop my house for practice if you'd like.
  16. I opened this thread, there now someone said it. I've done so many dumb things in my life I don't know where to start. I guess one of the dumbest things I ever did was tell a cop (that was arresting me) that he was just mad I made more money then him and I could careless how long he kept me in lock up cause I was getting paid to be there. After 7 hours in handcuffs standing in a cage outside in S Florida's lovely summer weather I think he might have gotten the better of me.
  17. No matter if Farve stays or goes we still need to get another QB so if we don't get one in FA I think we need to draft one with our first pick. If we do get one in FA then I think we should get a DB or Passrusher with our first pick. This team has so many needs that I'll be happy with just about anyone as long as they're the BPA.
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