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  1. A coach has to start some where and I liked what JK said about how the DLine was playing and what was wrong with it, of course it's just a pipe dream but it would cause a lot of stir if he was named as a coach.
  2. Cool, I should send the first family invites to my next fetish party.
  3. I was never into jazz till I started dating this chick that played the tenor sax and we would smoke out and she would play jazz all the time. In a Sentimental Mood was one of my favorites, she played it really well. Hotdogs are the **** when you're high, you can put almost anything on them.
  4. Now way he drops that far and isn't the new stadium covered?
  5. I agree I was just commenting on the title. I'm hoping Gholston will play like Mario Williams did in his second year.
  6. Dream Theater is my favorite band in any form, Pink Floyd is second so my favorite songs are Dream Theater's covers of Pink Floyd.
  7. I smoke all the time (except when I'm going to work) make good money and never miss work. Drugs get to much credit for human stupidity and laziness, you are who you are.
  8. If we get Leonhard as well as one of the Ravens LBers I'm going to start beating off where ever I hear it.
  9. I'm glad Cox left, I don't think he did a very good job with the DLine and I still want Ryan to hire Joe Klecko as DLine coach.
  10. What are you nuts? 16 is when you start trying other stuff not when you stop.
  11. I got some two days ago, it's really good **** and it's all over S Florida everyone has it but like you said damn it cost a lot.
  12. Weed is great for making you feel better the next morning.
  13. Hell no I'm 37 and smoke every day. I was thinking about starting thread for stoner food. Some of my favorites English Muffin with butter, jam and Swiss Cheese White Cheddar Popcorn Chips Ahoy Waffles with butter, jam and crushed Chips Ahoy Also best stoner bands Pink Floyd SRV John Coltrane Charle Parker Miles Davis
  14. It doesn't look like it's going to be on http://www.newyorkjets.com/ or ESPN. Any other ideas of where to watch it?
  15. I think hell did freeze over it's cold as **** out right now. Well for S Florida it is
  16. He was in my top 3 of who I wanted to get. I'll give him 3 years before I turn on him or label him a good coach just like all the others. I have as always hope that something good comes out of this and it will be fun to sit down and watch the Jets play football into January.
  17. I'd take any of them, the Ravens can't tag them all so at least one might make it here.
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