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  1. I hope he can get something out of Vernon. Biggest question is how do you use him?
  2. I agree and as a Vet he should have pulled himself because he wasn't playing at the level he should have been. I don't think Farve was bad this year I had more fun watching the Jets this year then I've had in a very long time, if Farve is healthy I hope he comes back.
  3. People seem to forget this was one of our best O seasons ever.
  4. At this point I want Farve back we don't have any other choice. There are a few Vet QBs out there that we could get if Farve doesn't return but none of them are any better the him. Farve really didn't do a bad job he sucked at the end but so did the rest of the team.
  5. I can deal with that now lets see who our starting QB.
  6. Who gives a ****? NE didn't make it.
  7. It's all because of the team and Farve was part of it. It sounds like you have a hard on for Ainge who hasn't done **** and neither has any of the other QBs on the roster. If one of them can beat on Farve then I'm all for letting them start but unless they do Farve is the best choice.
  8. He's not as good as he was but he is still better then the back ups. Didn't we score the 3rd most points ever this year? Farve had 5 bad games at the end but the rest were really fun to watch and no matter who we bring in were not going far next year so way not Farve? I can see why people who want to win it all next year say no but it's not going to happen no matter who our starting QB is.
  9. At this point I don't see much of a choice, Farve is really our only one unless we get a FA QB. If we do draft a QB then it would be a few years until he plays at the level needed to be good and sitting a year behind Farve wouldn't hurt. I guess it all comes down to Farve's health.
  10. Lets give Ryan a few years to see what he does before we kill him or saint him. No one has any idea what Ryan or anyone else is going to do until it happens. Just relax and lets see what happens. At least now we have a HC, well hopefully.
  11. I'd rather get Greene in the second round and get D in the first.
  12. I only bring it up when I know the person that started the thread will get all pissey about, if it fits into something that works or if I'm bored and want to start a debate. The SB thread was a great set up for this so I went with it. Now let me ask you a question, is it ok to make jokes about people other then black QBs and HC? Because I've got a bunch about Obama
  13. You got all pissey with me when I had an opinion. Just saying.
  14. We didn't draft a CB in the first round last year.
  15. WTF, another black HC?? I'm not watching the NFL anymore.
  16. I'd rather get a CB with the first pick and then get a RB or WR with the second pick. I'd love it if the took a CB with the first pick then traded up and got the best RB that fell or if they took RB - Greene in the second. Greene and Washington would be a nice pair of backs. CB - Domonique Johnson is someone to look at, he is big and fast as hell. He could go any where from 2nd to 4th depending on what he does in the senior bowl and combine. If he does really good in both I could see him getting picked late first but he'd have to really do something to stand out.
  17. What makes Spags any better then Ryan? I don't know if either are going to be any good as a HC because niether have done it. I want Ryan because I like the way his D plays.
  18. Conference Championships QB - Donovan McNabb - Philly
  19. Vick would get 1500 rushing if he played for Miami it would be the best fit for his style.
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