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  1. Because JB hasn't talked about her new knickers yet.
  2. Jesus, Mary and Joseph you reproduced.
  3. Not to be a dick but why does anyone ****ing care? People don't get upset when a complete stranger dies but when someone famous or in this case the son of someone famous dies everyone wants to be all PC and morn. I could gave a ****less, I didn't even know JT had a son and even if I did the I wouldn't of cared. If someone dies that I've never met I could careless, it might suck if you won't be able to hear any new music or watch any new movies by them but all in all who cares, I never met the ****.
  4. Damn I didn't even know John Travolta had a son, Jett Travolta would have been worth 84 points.
  5. I didn't do the regular season but I'll join if allowed. wildcard round RB - Brian Westbrook - Philly
  6. Ted Kennedy Fidel Castro Barak Obama Hugh Hefner Keith Richards Michael Jackson Muhammed Ali Jerry Lewis Jimmy Carter NY Mick SR
  7. 1. P Manning 2. Turner 3. Brees I don't see how Chad came in second and Brees didn't even make the top 5.
  8. Welcome aboard, other then klecko everyone here is spot on.
  9. You can go **** yourself to *******, don't you have your own ****ing message board?
  10. Go **** yourself you mother-less-****. Move your monkey ass to S Florida and deal with jerk off Fin fans all year long and then say that and now to top it off deal with jerk off Fin fans who never even watch the ****ing Fins unless the scumbags are in the playoffs or happen to beat the Jets. I've heard more **** over the last few days then I've ever heard since moving to FL. I want them to lose so bad that by the 3rd quarter Baltimore has all their second string in. As **** as Chad goes **** the little ****, I could careless if he ****ing dies on the field.
  11. I would love to see our running game with Jones, Washington and company under MS. Could be very fun to watch.
  12. A WR being a down field threat to stretch the field can be picked up in the second IMO, also I just think a first round pick spent on a WR is a waste for this team. We have ok WR getting a speed demon in the second could help. We have more pressing needs IMO.
  13. I'd much rather take a WR in the second but the first thing is, who's the new HC going to be??
  14. I'd have to disagree with you on that. Our Oline and Dline gets pushed around and has no depth. Our DBs flat out suck and have second stringers starting. Our QB is either 40 years old or an unproven second stringer. Our LBs again have second stringers starting and again has no depth. But I agree we need a WR because we don't have a true first stinger, Coles plays when he wants to. We have OK second and thirds.
  15. How about for thoses of us that are 1500 miles south and don't get SNY, any PC links?
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