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  1. OK, now that we figured out the draft position is right or very close to being right, what position are we going to take? Or do we take the BPA? I guess we really should wait to see who's going to be the new head coach first.
  2. I need a link to listen to the presser, I can't find it.
  3. The link explains it all, chances are the draft order is going to stay the way it is or very close.
  4. So far from what I've been reading most are going with Spikes ILB - UF or a WR with the first.
  5. I know it's the best current list, that's why I put the link to it. It explains everything quite well. The question is still what do we do with or draft pick? 16th or 17th
  6. To be in the mix next year what do we need to do? We have the 17th pick http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_NFL_Draft 1 Detroit Lions 2 St. Louis Rams 3 Kansas City Chiefs 4 Seattle Seahawks 5 Cleveland Browns 6 Cincinnati Bengals 7 Oakland Raiders 8 Jacksonville Jaguars 9 Green Bay Packers 10 San Francisco 49ers 11 Buffalo Bills 12 Denver Broncos 13 Washington Redskins 14 New Orleans Saints 15 Houston Texans 16 San Diego Chargers 17 New York Jets Needs - Head Coach OC DC Players Needed - QB WR Oline Dline L
  7. I don't know what to say at this point??? I've been though coach after coach player after player and it's still the same story every ****ing year. We need to fire Mangina and get a new coach this way we can change everything and say that's why we are losing but in 3 to 5 years we will be in the mix. I'm done for a few months **** the Jets.
  8. Happy BDay Fish, I can't do any of the photoshop **** so I just sent you a BDay PM instead.
  9. Of course you do, we already know you swing both ways.
  10. Five Finger Death Punch - I like this band, good find. Stone Roses - Not really my style of music but if I was in the right frame of mind I'd would listen to them. Van Canto - I love this style of music (Epica, Nightwish, Kamelot, Theatre Of Tragedy, ect). I wish more American bands would do this. Your Beauty Divine - Good musicians but I don't really listen to death metal unless I'm at a show, hard to get good sound out PC speakers.
  11. LOL, glad you liked them put I was kind of trying to find a new band that I haven't heard not just post one that was lesser known.
  12. I'm always looking for new bands to hear so I figured this would be a good way to get some names. I just seen these guys for the first time, they opened for AC/DC. They have a sound similar to Zepplin and put on a great show. The Answer - Come Follow Me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEPjMnWz_DI I guess it should say KNOWN not KNOW
  13. Don't worry I was hoping for Xmas G String/Ass or something, JB just doens't send presents.
  14. Ich mag kleine brust, sie bin annehme zu den verschiedenen grossen brust, die absacken
  15. Oh, I thought he just sent it to her after a few month of her being gone. Is the Merry XMAs her sig or what was written on the bottom of the letter. I'm lost, this is why I don't wake up this early.
  16. I don't get why he would send you anything, he should just let it go already.
  17. I like small **** they stay were they're suppose to unlike big **** that sag.
  18. I must again refer to the picture idea. You doing it yourself sounds rather sexy.
  19. Joel Trans Siberian Orchestra or Bing Crosby
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