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  1. I like small **** they stay were they're suppose to unlike big **** that sag.
  2. I must again refer to the picture idea. You doing it yourself sounds rather sexy.
  3. Joel Trans Siberian Orchestra or Bing Crosby
  4. Archie not even close Vodka or Whiskey
  5. Who and Who???? handcuffs or rope
  6. That sucks, we always go out during everything. Tell them you're going out and if they don't like it they can eat your ass. If you need a place to crash for a few days after that let me know
  7. I agree and I don't mean of the rubik's cube.
  8. JB aren't you in Boca? Just go to a club in Ft. Lauderdale and have some fun.
  9. Stomp boots Fish & Chips or Shepard's Pie
  10. I'm starting to think you don't like my choices.
  11. Since I was a kid I would never sleep more then a few hours at a time. It sucks sometime but others it's great because I'm awake at all different times so I can do what ever. It does suck when I only get a 3 or 4 hours sleep during a few day period then can't sleep when I get home. Weed, pills and drink helps . Also working out in the sun helps but that would be a little hard for you ****s up North.
  12. Oh sorry I didn't know you were a mountain guinea. Werder Bremen FC all the way
  13. I guess my guido joke missed you. This thread was very relevant on another site where we had to keep everything pc. Here is much more laid back so this thread doesn't get used as it's not needed.
  14. I'm waiting for LoneStarLady to answer this one
  15. I only put that in the title so we didn't get into a debate over opera, jazz, blues, rock, heavy metal, pop, ect styles. I listed Sarah Brightman in my list on the first page and she neither rock or pop.
  16. Sinead - She Moved Though The Fair Linda Perry - Mighty Lady
  17. LOL, I've yet to see a movie that was accurate **** history isn't even accurate.
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