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  1. We were talking about it at work and I was wondering what you ****s thought. Some of my favorites - Amy Winehouse Linda Perry - Four Non Blondes Sarah Brightman Norah Jones Sinead O
  2. Is it just me or is there a major lack of porn on these sites? Just saying.
  3. See what I mean my little hair gel friend, 4:40am and not a soul on here. This thread is for us to talk about ****ed up **** they don't want in the main threads but no one here cares what you write in the main threads so there's no point for this thread.
  4. I tried ice fishing once and almost drowned, I guess it works better up there.
  5. You're right, I was thinking it was a public place not private owned. I'm going to go to the store and see what kind of ****ed up name a can get on a cake , I'll posted pictures later.
  6. It would help if you ****ers would post, I check the site when I get home around 4am - 6am (EST) and there's only one or two people on here.
  7. They will put ****face on it, I had one of the dancers do it when she was buying a cake for the bartender (it might have said dickface I can't remember). Anyway, if a black couple would have went in there and asked for a cake with the name Osama Bin Laden or Hussein on it for their little boy and they refused it would be all over TV as well as protests and whatever else. And for the people who don't think that Hilter and Hussein are on the same level, you're dead wrong. They're one in the same, same act during a different time.
  8. Plenty of times and I'm usually the only white/American person there. It's America equal rights is equal rights not equal when you agree with it. The parents no matter how ****ed up have the right to name their kid what ever they want. How many black kids are named or change their names to a Muslim name that might offend people. As an in individual in this country you can do stupid things that you think are right as along as you don't break any laws. As a public organization you can't unless it doesn't offend the main stream. American Indians have been complaining for years about names o
  9. This just isn't the site for a late night thread. Let it die in peace.
  10. I finally got rid of it I think, I used Stopzilla and it seems to be gone.
  11. My roomate clicked yes on a virus scanner when it popped up and now I can't get rid of this ****er. AntiVirus 360 (Protection Fast Scanner) keeps pooping up. I've tried Norton Trend Micro Malwarebytes AVG Symantec Scan None of them have gotten rid of it. Thanks in advance.
  12. Nothing, I never buy presents for anyone it's a dumb ass idea and I'd rather spend my money on having fun.
  13. It was one of the loudest shows I've been to in a long time. Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys
  14. Well that sucks I only got 3 cards.
  15. When I was training people I would use this site to figure out meals for them. http://www.calorieking.com/ Just type in what you want to eat and you can see what it has in it. This link is will help you a lot with the protein question. http://www.calorieking.com/library/articles/The-CalorieKing-Protein-Guide_YWlkPTg1MyZwaWQ9JnByaW50YWJsZT1ubyZub3ZpZXdzPXllcyZwYWdlPTQ.html#6
  16. It's 83 and I have my AC on. I wish it would snow down here.
  17. I guess my roomate didn't get the memo because she's at work. They figured the illegal Mexicans tried so the gays might as well. I wonder what would happen if everyone just agreed to take one day off?????
  18. Listening to Pink Floyd - The Wall thinking it was the greatest thing I ever heard and jerking off to this poster.
  19. My ears ringing. I just got back from the Misfits show and after 30 years those old ****ers can still put on a show.
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