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  1. Finding pictures like that is kind of the point of this thread, it was started by me after all. If you were being sarcastic I missed it.
  2. LOL, go figure the poster with 3rd Bass as his avatar knows who he is.
  3. I found a ****load, you need to put spaces in the names or you'll mostly get stuff that person posted or stuff others posted about them.
  4. You forgot ghetto and trailer park bitches with 17 children from different fathers and drug addicts. Planes should have an area for people in wheel chairs or something, it has to be a bitch to be on a plane for them but fat people should have to buy two seats if they need them.
  5. Do you listen to the words? It's cool to get shot, arrested and killed, get with it will you. By the way who the **** is MC Dead anyway? I've never heard of him but then again I haven't heard of most of them by choice.
  6. You get my vote for the best IPod so far. Him - Funeral Of Hearts Trans Siberan Orchestra - O Holy Night Da Rude - Sandstorm Savatage - Sirens Alice Cooper - Its My Body
  7. Simple who ever has the best drugs, cooks or has a vagina. Found a great Pic for the Mick Pic, check your PMs.
  8. They're my favorite band, talented as hell. Charlie Parker - All The Things You Are ZZ Top - Lowrider Uncle Kracker - Writing It Down Joe Satriani - Made Of Tears Blink 182 - Going Away To College
  9. ****ing JustinTV just dropped the game, I missed the last run by Washington.
  10. Dream Theater - Hollow Years Bob Seger - Rock n Roll Never Forgets Quincy Jones & Herbie Hancook - Take Five Steve Vai - Solo The Angels - My Boyfriends Back (I have no idea why I even have this song, I think I got from Klecko)
  11. Remind me never to borrow your Ipod
  12. You're not on the Mick Pic list are you?
  13. You realize how much porn we (I) download right? I'm guessing no ones home pc is set on safe search. Southern Jet
  14. Edit: Be carefull when you do a search for Fishhooked, I'm guessing it's a gay sex position. Try to explain that one to your roomie when she walks in the room. Neck demon
  15. Norway's Waddling Mar maloof (I'm shocked anything came up)
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