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  1. Fishhooked Borgo Guy Max Johnny Hector
  2. LOL, I'll see what I can do. DHJF, if you like Coltrane checkout Bobby Stern, he plays faster then Coltrane did, he was my xs teacher. I've seen him a few times before he moved to Spain, he's a bad bitch. Type O Negative - Vampire The Masquerade Beatles - Love Me Do Joe Satriani & Steve Vai - 212 Overture Fuel - Had A Bad Day Again Trans Siberian Orchestra - Beethoven's 5th
  3. Oh, I got you. I just thought you had a big *****. Kind of like throwing a hotdog down a hallway or sticking your dick in a warm bowl of soup.
  4. LOL, please tell me that's a band I never heard of and not Kermit. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man DJ Danny D - I Will Follow You Texas Tornados - Una Mas Cervesa (LMAO, nothing like Mexican country music) Opeth - Closure Miles Davis - My One And Only Love (Good dinner music )
  5. King Crimson -Starless and Bible Black Dropkick Murphys - Good Rats Dream Theater - In The PresenceOf Enemies part 1 Jimi Hendrix - Live At Woodstock 2 Live Crew - Mega Booty Bass Mix (LMAO, don't ask)
  6. Good point, the opening on a jar of peanut butter is rather large. What have you been sticking in your cookie that you would compare it to something of that size??
  7. I heard that a woman could get satisfied with a jar of peanut butter and a friendly German Shepherd.
  8. When a woman say she's voluptuous = fat When a man says a woman is voluptuous = big ass and ****
  9. This thread needs more pictures (not of cats and dogs).
  10. WTF, I listened to the album on myspace and it's complete ****. It's a weak ass version of GNR it reminds me of the crap that Metalicca has been putting out for the last few years. It's a shame that none of the good hard rock bands from the 90's can play anything worth listening to, it's all a bunch of ***** rock for the preps to play in their dooms when they're not listening to Usher. Complete ****, it just ruined my ****ing morning. AC/DC at least had a few good songs on Black Ice other then that most rock suck donkey dick, Axl's dumb ass should have put on AFD while he was writing that terd
  11. I think we'll get one playoff win and then be out of it.
  12. Shoots himself in the head after watching Brokeback Mountain
  13. I thought it was about the band???
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