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  1. I think we'll get one playoff win and then be out of it.
  2. Shoots himself in the head after watching Brokeback Mountain
  3. I thought it was about the band???
  4. Nice job, can you play blue/jazz style? Like Cottonballs??
  5. Or the fact that he sucked more dick then Courtney Love. Archie Bunker Denny Crane Dr Becker Karen Walker Eric Cartman
  6. (Am I the only one that liked that movie?) Gas
  7. I don't, I like both of them. I westled and I have no problem with Lesnar taking over the spot light from Couture, I like wrestlers being the champ.
  8. Fake made up bull**** to try to control the masses and get money from them.
  9. Lesnar is the new face of the UFC so I don't think D White would put him up against Couture just so he can get his second lose in three fights. That being said Lesnar wins in the first or Couture wins. I'm betting Lesnar wins.
  10. I got your guerrillas right here
  11. cool are you naked or do you sleep in something like this.
  12. I'm drunk as **** and no one is one, blow me *******s.
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