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  1. I got your guerrillas right here
  2. cool are you naked or do you sleep in something like this.
  3. I'm drunk as **** and no one is one, blow me *******s.
  4. LOL, that's what I meant but thanks for the bump BP.
  5. I'm guessing you don't live in S Florida.
  6. She looks like one of the girls that bartended for me.
  7. I couldn't get that photo to load. I'm doing a fetish partty this sat night and I'm sure there is going to be someone there wearing that.
  8. I never see anyone on here around 3 to 5am, that's when I'm online most of the time and the LNC thread has disappeared.
  9. Damn, nice one. I love bitches that have the goth/punk look.
  10. Shouldn't you be doing the dishes or something? I love bitches like this
  11. White eyes Jetophile, if you don't suck **** do you at least eat *****?
  12. My phone so I can call or text people and tell them I'm taking a **** and take a photo just in case it's a good one. Checkout ratemypoo.com some of my best work is on there.
  13. Are we including when you fart and get ass grease and need to wipe as one or half?
  14. Happy late BDay JB. I'll think of something ****ed up to PM you
  15. I'm only finding audio and no vid??
  16. What's the story with Cotchery? I know he's hurt just wondering if he's playing or not.
  17. I think it's time for a Mick Pic, check your PMs people. If I missed you I'm sorry just leave a request. Edit: Mick Pics are not safe for work, children, wives/girlfriends with no sense of humor or fat Jewish kids that love Pearl Jam. Edit Edit: Congrats to Smizzy for being the first to get a Mick Pic on this site.
  18. Damn, I guess I never did grow up, I'm 37 and still think it's late night.
  19. My priest didn't abstain why should you?
  20. I'm in S Florida, it's alway summer. Oh yea, don't forget to vote
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