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  1. When I post at 4am should it be in here or in the late nite thread? Just wondering, it's all getting hard to figure out.
  2. Maybe you should loan it to Gagoots so he can stop listening to Nemo or whatever cartoon his kid likes.
  3. 4 in the afternoon sounds good see why the army uses a 24 hour clock I view it much easier, if the suns up its day if its down its night
  4. Fair enough but then when does night start and afternoon end?
  5. So then what is 12am morning or late? Or is 1am morning or late? At what point do you decide when morning starts and late night ends before you sound like a retard? Just wondering because 4am is late night to me and everyone that works in a bar as far as we're concerned morning is when the sun starts to come up which is around 6:30am not 4am when we're all going out for a drink or headed home.
  6. I thought this site had no politics?
  7. Then you don't stay out long enough. Half the bars in Ft Lauderdale don't close till 4am.
  8. Well so far today I've been to the fridge, then the bathroom (it was a good one, drink a lot and had a ton of garlic) then to my desk then on the porch (for a quick smoke) back to the fridge (needed an oreo got the munchies) then to the tv (turned on espn) then back to my desk and on here. Where have you been?
  9. What part of late did you not understand?
  10. Late nite crew my ass, it's late and I'm the only ******* on the whole ****ing site.
  11. Listening to old school **** LTD - Everytime I Turn Around
  12. Pervert at least my wife was 25.
  13. I think I told him I would **** him if we were in prison. No homo it's prison
  14. It's not my fault people have no sense of humor.
  15. Around http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1014768&postcount=162
  16. I started a Dookie thread about rate my poo.com and about 20 people posted about a **** they took before it was delete and I got a ban warning.
  17. They didn't think what I posted was appropriate over there so I left instead of changing my sense of humor. Don't worry BP you'll be the first one that gets a Mick Pic
  18. Jesus if they made you a mod then I'm guessing no one here will get their panties in a bunch if a drop a few jokes here and there.
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