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  1. Obviously, I'm more concerned with what thread I should be posting in during the pre-photography portion of the pooing.

    Oh, pre-photo pooing is good for the LNC, kind of why it was started in the first place.

  2. True, beause "2:30 at Night" sounds okay.

    So the true cuttoff would be 3 AM because "3 at Night" and "3:30 at Night" doesn't sound right.

    Still isn't solved????

    Originally Posted by New York Mick viewpost.gif

    When I post at 4am should it be in here or in the late nite thread? Just wondering, it's all getting hard to figure out.

    Nite crew!

    ???? Now what?????

  3. So just to clarify, when sitting around, not working at the office, I should post in here.

    But when I get home and am sitting around doing nothing, I should post in the LNC.

    Where should I post while I poo?

    Take pictures of it and send it to your friends and pm it to the mods from the late night crew.

  4. "4 at Night" does sound idiotic.

    I think 2 AM is the cutoff.

    You can say, "1:59 at Night" and it will sound okay, but "2 at Night" sounds odd.

    4 in the afternoon sounds good

    see why the army uses a 24 hour clock

    I view it much easier, if the suns up its day if its down its night

  5. I don't know that there's a generally accepted cutoff, but I think it's probably around three. Four is definitely too late because at that point you can cause legitimate confusion between AM and PM by saying 'four at night.'

    Fair enough but then when does night start and afternoon end?

  6. Doesn't matter. The distinction isn't functional, it's semantic. It doesn't matter when the bars close or anything else like that; the line is the point at which you start sounding like a retard when you state the time as '_ at night.' Four is definitely on the morning side of the fence.

    So then what is 12am morning or late? Or is 1am morning or late? At what point do you decide when morning starts and late night ends before you sound like a retard? Just wondering because 4am is late night to me and everyone that works in a bar as far as we're concerned morning is when the sun starts to come up which is around 6:30am not 4am when we're all going out for a drink or headed home.

  7. Cool to see you man.

    Where've you been?

    Well so far today I've been to the fridge, then the bathroom (it was a good one, drink a lot and had a ton of garlic) then to my desk then on the porch (for a quick smoke) back to the fridge (needed an oreo got the munchies) then to the tv (turned on espn) then back to my desk and on here. Where have you been?

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