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  1. The Skins and Jags should have better records then the Jets this year.
  2. The good - They sh’t the bed straight away and now I care even less about the season so cancelled DTV and the Sunday Ticket and now have my sundays free.
  3. Ronnie Lott and Ed Reed couldn’t help this team win. They suck. On the bright side we can stop hearing about how David is the next coming of football jesus.
  4. Wow that’s not impressive at all Running Back (3) 26 - Le'Veon Bell 6'1" 225 Michigan State (RB) 21 - Frank Gore 5'9" 212 Miami (RB) 36 - Josh Adams 6'2" 213 Notre Dame (RB) >>> PRACTICE SQUAD CALL UP (1x) <<
  5. I worked in the stripclub business in south Florida for over 20 years. I have had a few experiences with certain people and certain things.
  6. He seriously just said “you have a tight one don’t you” to a female caster lol
  7. This is the least excited I ever been for the season to start in my life so don’t F it up Jets and make it worse. yay, go jets
  8. I wouldn’t pay anyone that much but in football terms JuJu is worth the same and would be a good addition to the team as long as he can stay healthy.
  9. With all the deaths, domestic abuse and injuries caused by alcohol and especially DUIs you think the NFL, athletes, celebrities, social media, politicians etc would be trying to do something about it. To raise awareness and get the word out.
  10. I get my temperature checked every day going into one job site, most anal action I’ve had since Sunday school.
  11. At least Sar will have an excuse for Gase if the team sucks again.
  12. Don’t turn into another MASH unit
  13. Cocktail umbrella docking. That’s a new one.
  14. FFS he was drafted in the 3rd round and has played a snap in the NFL yet. Let’s wait a few weeks before we compare him to HOF players and have him playing multiple positions of defense and offense.

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