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  1. Ozzie Newsome? You couldn’t of picked someone who’s played in the last 75 years lol
  2. Relax Karens. He’s just a veteran depth signing that knows the coaching staff and his contract is fine for what he is. FFS
  3. I live in Fort Lauderdale so I’m surrounded by Fin fans and most of my family and in-laws are Giant fan so yes.
  4. Good signing. He was productive when he was on the field and it’s looking like they’re going to concentrate in the offense during the draft once they get a CB.
  5. Do you work for a fan site or are you just completely mental to start these polls.
  6. That’s a pro day time not combine and there’s no chance of the Jets drafting a TE at 2. The team has too many needs.
  7. I was interested until I seen who started the thread.
  8. I miss when we got our information from a newspaper
  9. 2 - 2600 8 - 1400 73 - 225 I don’t see next years pick being worth 1000 points. They’d need to add more
  10. Who the hell is Mike balko and who’s his source that’s giving him inside information?
  11. I was the GM of a stripclub for about 20 years and hosted fetish parties, swingers parties, lesbian parties, escort parties, was involved with porn, fake massage parlors and also worked as a personal trainer when I was younger so I worked with real massage therapist and we also had a few on our rugby team. I think pretty much sums it up.
  12. No. They didn’t get a HOF QB, 4 number one receivers, a powerback, receiving RB, HOF TE, a new starting Oline, 3 CBs, 5 passrushers or a bunch of big named overpriced players that half fans have heard of so they can feel good when they get up in the morning. He’s clearly a failure
  13. And if he picks Wilson and Fields becomes the next Russel Wilson he’ll be fired. That’s a terrible reason why he has to pick someone.
  14. I think this is a bad year for CBs. Most of them didn’t have sh*t for ints.
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