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    Big Jets Fan
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    Long Island
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    Ice Hockey

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    Walking into my dads office at Hofstra and seeing Kyle Clifton sitting in a chair while my dad was assisting him for his final college credits
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    losing to Denver in 98
  1. if they are going to do something like this it should be a good sample of the jets fan base...some old, some new, some from Shea, meadowlands and Metlife ....1 woman is not a good sample....game day experience? kids? simple - more bang for our buck!!
  2. aklein6928

    JetNation Tailgating Videos

    come over to my Tailgate Sunday and I'll let you know what the guy did to upset me...lol
  3. aklein6928

    JetNation Tailgating Videos

    We weren't going to fight, just a little jets love lol...anytime you need a lift Courtney let me know....lol
  4. Hey Hey Did anyone from NY/NJ fly out? been here all weekend.... J E T S JETS JETS JETS Tailgating at 8AM BBM PIN - 3076891D:cheers: aklein6928@aol.com
  5. aklein6928

    NY Jets Game Preview (SD Chargers)

    Been in San D all weekend and the JETS are ready, all business. Sanchize is focused and ready to go..... OUR DAY, OUR TIME OUR YEAR! J E T S JETS JETS JETS
  6. aklein6928

    Broncos at Jets

    Hello, Where can one go to bet on the Jets game?

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