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    Monday night miracle, 51-45 OT win
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    Not anymore!
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    1982 Championship Game
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    No, Born Dec 1969
  1. I was at the game also, with my brother who is a Dolphin fan (and he drove) we left with the dolphins up in the 4th,(to beat the traffic) heard the tie on the radio and watched OT at home on tv!!
  2. i heard on NFL Radio that the Jets were interested in Laron Landry
  3. i think they are banking on Schotty getting the (or a) HC job. if not, then it doesn't look like "oh sh*t!!"
  4. so does anyone have an actual list of who's been cut?
  5. i think it was Parcells that hired Tanny?
  6. the guys on NFL radio were tearing him apart! saying he can't read defenses, gets confused and just runs!
  7. he was a beast in the playoff game against the Patsies! hopefully he plays like that every week!
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