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  1. I'm not sure if he can coach anything and I did not specify what I would like to see him coach. I think if he went into coaching he would be decent somewhere though, I also think he is smart enough to utilize what talents are given to him. I'm sure if he ever does coach he won't be limited to only coaching what he was capable of, he is smarter than that in my opinion.
  2. Thank you, I love Kobe and hardcore is your other clown.
  3. Really? I'll let you know when I get it.
  4. Sorry, I'll make more gay jokes, and act mature.
  5. Max I know, I never said that you threatened to ban me, I actually suggested it though.
  6. I'd sign up for Wade as our DC in a heart beat, and yes Sutton is scary.
  7. Don't worry, we know that or you are wiating for your mommy to take you to the beach. What color do you chose pink? Since there are no gay colors like aqua and orange.
  8. Yet you and your BFF and your BFFs GF are all having fun here. I know where tamarac is I guess you guys are not old enough to enjoy Ft. Lauderdale and Miami yet, poor babies. But how many of your troll clowns will be with you on Monday???
  9. If I insulted you it was in reaction to you blatanly spinning the sh*t out of spy gate. Other wise I barely respond to anything you post, don't flatter yourself.
  10. You really should get out more, but I guess theres not much to do in tamarac. I wonder how many of your troll buddies will be back after Sunday?
  11. Your buddy's gf, and I'm 15, is he your BFF?
  12. Bro, do I personally insult you? I chose to call em like I see em, and when someone is FLIPPING along, I am going to call it how I see it sorry.
  13. No pent up rage here jackass, what I forgot about love you have not learned yet, again you don't know sh*t move on before Max starts to cry again.
  14. Here is what I said Quote: Originally Posted by Jade Green Are you suggesting that Greenbay "Fired" Brett Favre because Aaron Rogers is a better QB Here is you answer Quote: Originally Posted by HardKoreXXX Why was Favre let go then? If not for the reason you poo-pooed. At least my yes is a yes and my no is a no, I really could not care less about anyhtng else.
  15. I already do that with all the non morons, idiots, losers, retards, trolls, and clueless who disagree with me. Sorry but I will continue to call them how I see them when they blatanly spin, lie and flip, or in your case burry your head up bleicheats ass when it comes to spy gate.
  16. Way to spin it clown act... Here is what I said Here is you answer Keep it it up, I think you just earned your FLIPPER fins, congrats. The clown show must go on...
  17. Neither, I guess you really missed it, oh well...
  18. I think he was talking about crashdummy.
  19. He's a clown D, you really can't take him seriously. Just leave him in his state of delusions.
  20. Stop stop, you are making way too much sense for that fool to comprehend. Aaron Rogers is so much better, they were not scared sh*tless to let Brett go to a division rival, they were just trying to stop him from ruining his legacy. ;)
  21. Just how I imagined things to go over there in patsy land. So I guess it's true, nobody in that entire locker room does know what a real p*ssy looks like.
  22. Hell why wait till Jan. to score, can you let me know the lottery numbers for tonight?
  23. I doubt a change of venue, and faces will do wonders for his arm. I think he's worse off with you then he was with us, but we shall see. Enjoy the game and the season.
  24. I'll post links to a few streams tomorrow before I head out, if I'm not banned first. I promised GreenGal I would, maybe she should send me her e-mail address to be on the safe side though.
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