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  1. This is horrible news. My thoughts and prayers are with his family in this terrible time. R.I.P Bobby, you were a great yankee and a beautiful human being. I think we are all better people for having the honor to watch Bobby and have him come into our lives with his kind words and his positive attitude. He will be greatly missed.
  2. My thoughts and prayers are with them both, i hope harlan makes a full and speedy recovery. God Bless to the Chamberlain family
  3. he shouldnt have said anything but its not like hes the only one thats predicting a win. so none of the patriots players or staff have said anything, bostons only releasing a book titled 19-0. to be 19-0 you have to win the superbowl and they havent done that, and yet the book is already going to be released, so it sounds to me like someone else is predicting a winner
  4. well if this is true then thats sad. dungy is a great coach and he is a great guy that brings some class to the game
  5. cuz i guess they cant afford another million for a great first basemen but they can give 16 million to abreu. giambi is too big, old, and slow to play 1st anymore, shelley duncan has too great of an arm for first, but hes good enough to play the outfield, which is why i dont see why abreus back, and betemit who cant play any position. doug mientkiewicz may not have a 300+ bat but he is a great first basemen and he wont cost them much
  6. there treating hughes like a yo-yo, seriously. there out of it......again. didnt they just use this story a month ago when they didn't want santana anymore. in the course of 4 months they've wanted him, then didn't, then wanted him, then didn't. i don't believe anything they say anymore
  7. he walked into the locker room and yelled i'll be back to the indy crowd. that means a lot when he came back and was a spectator for the entire second half. hes disgusting
  8. I agree with you. I like Roger and although I'm not going to defend him, I'm also not going to jump on the bandwagon of him being a steroid junkie until I have 100% factual evidence that he used them. But you're right if he is found guilty he should face the consequences for it.
  9. i know, and he mentioned bonds too but im just saying that if he thinks that they should have their records taken away then it should be the same for everybody on that list because they were'nt the only 2 names, just the biggest 2 names.
  10. he's entitled to his opinion but i don't think that he went about saying things the right way. there were 89 players on that list, and he may have pointed out the biggest names there but if he's going to point a finger at somebody for using steroids then he can point a finger at every single player on that list. im not defending clemens or bonds, im just saying that they shouldnt be the only 2 players that are being harassed when there were 89 players listed. if he wants them to give back their awards, then all of the other 87 players can get their records taken away also
  11. grow the **** up t.o seriously. dont blame jessica simpson for romo having a bad game. if he cant handle the pressure of having his girlfriend attend his games, maybe he shouldn't bring them.
  12. I love Brett Farve and I have a great respect for him and what he has done with his career, and for football. and fyi, he's not the only player that has played a game very shortly after losing a family member.
  13. exactly and then nugent would have made the extra point because it was a shorter distance than the field goal and he was only wide by a bit. then he makes an onside kick and they have a chance to win the game
  14. he didnt have to be out there to begin with. get a real wr and they end up with 7 points. that ball should have been caught and jmac's playing was miserable all day so to put the blame on nugent for a missed field goal is crazy
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