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  1. Thats true but when we say it its okay. I dont like it coming from him of all people though .
  2. OMg if you cant take a joke ill just ignore you from now on. By the way you were the one with all the personal attacks last night but i was drunk as well so i cant point the finger
  3. Why the hell would i be banned because i disagreed with you
  4. You cant blame chad totally for those int. Chad was doing his job and he is the best player on the giants this week I say he should be there vip.
  5. I,see you sobered up and decided to go back with chad. How nice, no longer to confused
  6. I gave my phone number whats yours
  7. thats my son at the game with dad you got a problem with that
  8. Home tonight already kicked the wifes azz whos next
  9. and here is my #941 232 9408 big mouth
  10. Really how would you like to bet on that
  11. Hey ecurb hows that marketing going Are you evem from ny
  12. No it didnt really indians or anybody dosent walk down our blocks but feel free to send them
  13. uhhh carroll street is in park slope slash red hook you morons um no indians here just italians and russians but you silly jersey fags wouldnt know that
  14. jojodogs

    1 Year

    I can not understand why a fool like e curb is even allowed to post on a site, Lets be honest he needs serious medical help. Put down the glass dikk ecurb chad will be ok without you
  15. Im from 532 carroll st. brooklyn ny where are you from jersey boy. Youre comments are childish at best so answer quick
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