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  1. Can you guys adjust the podcast recording volume? it's painfully low compare to other podcasts.
  2. https://player.fm/series/finding-mastery-conversations-with-michael-gervais-1313033/sam-darnold-new-york-jets-quarterback
  3. Troy Aikman on Josh Allen: "I think as a quarterback when you're inaccurate, from my experience as a player in studying these guys for the last 17 years, you usually do not overcome that."
  4. Jets already assumed 2 QB are off the board when they made the trade. They are basically happy with any of the top three QBs. There will be three QB going 1,2,3, which one do we end up with is the question. I'm hoping it's going to be Mayfield.
  5. How Parcells handle QB in Dallas. BP goes by the 3 year rule.
  6. If bill o'brien stayed in Penn State, hackenberg would be a top 15 pick.
  7. 1. If drafting a QB, let him hold the clipboard for at least one season. 2. Fire everyone in the scouting dept. 3. Get a veteran QB to compete with Geno in camp. 4. Fix OL.
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