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  1. You can't judge Revis or Harris yet, but 2006 draft brought no one on defense and his FA signings have been terrible. Dyson, Coleman, Bowens...All are average at BEST.
  2. Don't you get it?? It doesn't matter if the Jets had Picks number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. The draftees would all under achieve and we would be left with 1st round draft picks at every position and still be 3-13. Getting a better draft spot means NOTHING. The guys they do draft never achieve. Look at our top 1st round picks...Robertson???...Vilma - do you even SEE him anymore on the field??? I must say he is the best LB in football at tackling the runner after he gets a first down. Coleman had a solid rookie year...THEN???? Barton was good in 2004...THEN??? Hob
  3. I have no emotion for this season either. After seeing how dominant the Patriots and am becoming more and more convinced that the league manipulates the rules to allow them to dominate, there really is not point to this season. The Jets AREN'T winning the SB, so what's the point of watching them MAYBE go 9-7 and get blown out in the playoffs again?? What's really disturbing is that other franchises have managed to right their ship quickly and and win like the Panthers or Bucs or Ravens or Saints or Falcons, but the Jets just seem to hang in mediocrity. Every single time people expect t
  4. Everyone knows what you will get from Chad. If I was an owner and my coach gave up more than 10 points to Pennington I would immediately fire him. All you have to do is crowd the Jets receivers, drop the LB back and he will be useless. Up until this season, only the Pats seemed to do that well. Now everyone except the Dolphins has that down pat. I am furious with how bad the defense is...how many draft picks have we wasted and we still give up 99 yard drives?? Revis, Vilma, Robertson, Hobson, Ellis, Thomas, Rhodes, Smith, Harris, Piouha...All these guys were drafted to make the defe
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