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  1. Isn't it sad that we came this close to losing to such an awful team only because Herm Edwards made a bad call? If we were playing the same awful team with any other coach in the league (other than Mangini) we would have been sweating til the very end.
  2. If we cannot get pressure on Tyler Thigpen, what makes you think we can get pressure on Trent Edwards?
  3. 4 Minutes!! Getting pumped. How great would an immediate announcement of Faneca signing be?
  4. I was arguing with a buddy and was looking for other opinions... We were discussing the draft and discussed the possibility of the Jets having a top 3 pick. Yes, I want Clemens to go 8-0, but, the argument was based on our top 3 pick. I have heard Chris Long DE, Virginia, and Dorsey DT, LSU, and other players but I am sorry...if you have a top 3 pick, you take a playmaker, plain and simple. I would take McFadden all day everyday. I was DYING over Thomas Jones, but he is Mister Average (What he is referred to on NFL Sirius Radio). You can get PLENTY of good DE, DT, and LB in the 2
  5. I still don't understand why we are running a 3-4, he is our best defensive player, why change to 3-4? Everyone was better in the 4-3, and we were starting to look like a defense. Blah, what could we get for him, a 2nd rounder? Why not move him to OLB?
  6. Well, now we will see what happens with a 3-4 MLB in there.
  7. The New York Daily News reports ILB Jonathan Vilma may be in danger of missing the rest of the season due to a "significant" knee injury. In an odd situation between Vilma and Eric Mangini, the coach has said his star inside linebacker is hurt, while Vilma himself denies he's injured at all. Vilma only rotated in during the second half of New York's Week 7 loss. He may have been playing through a torn or partially torn ligament in the knee. David Harris will join the starting linuep while Vilma is out. Oct. 24 - 6:53 pm et Source: New York Daily News Just when we thought it couldnt
  8. I was thinking tonight, if Kellen was so great, why isnt this team starting him? I understand there is a building process as far as QB progression, but the way Chad is playing...Kellen should be in. What does Mangini and Schotty see in him that we dont?
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