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  1. put your money where your mouth is trollturd
  2. He's the best anticipatory thrower you've ever seen in a Jets uniform. Not sure wtf you're talking about.
  3. You're clueless Taking away the NE game isn't just "taking away the worst game". It's taking away the largest statistical outlier in NFL history. That isn't an exaggeration, look it up. Darnold will never have another game that far from his mean ever again, its virtually a statistical impossibility. Not having another NE game is thousands of times more likely than having another one. Get that through your thick head. If Darnold improves in no tangible way and plays 16 games he will have 4k 65$ 2-1 TD INT ratio. I'll take that sh*t to the bank all day. Wanna put $100 on it? Pay pal works for me.
  4. So.... we can expect 13000 jets fans when we head down to Miami? I agree they is unfair to the Dolphins
  5. God just let this kid play and stop putting so many mechanical thoughts in his head... how about we give him some time to throw, a target or two, and design some plays to take advantage of his ability to throw on the run? sam plays well when he is confident and loose, not when he’s wound up tight and thinking too much. That being said, the way he transformed his motion and release from College to his rookie year, as well as how he as eliminated the fumbling issue he had in college shows that this kid has an ability to actually transform his mechanics. so.. we’ll see.
  6. I think “very good” is a stretch. He is a very solid TE but not a difference maker. Darnold makes these guys look better than they are.
  7. sam is 6’4 now he grew an inch since being drafted
  8. Yes our #3 TE being back at practice but not yet 100% is doom for the season. Makes sense.
  9. Words? Lol he isn’t even a left tackle!
  10. PFF....lol “Over the course of his career, he allowed just four sacks in 2,300 snaps. ”
  11. Lev is in ridiculous shape

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