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  1. nico002

    Spam ads breaking user experience

    There isn’t a better ad network that can pay the bills?
  2. Pop up ads take me to another screen and I can’t close them- get a legit ad network..
  3. The only way anyone gets fired is if the team is in full locker room distinction and Darnold looks horrible.
  4. I believe players are not allowed to talk to coaches or obviously have organized team practices for the next 6 or so weeks... But it IS ok for Darnold and McCown to work together right? I assume this is happening and part of the reason we are giving Josh 10 mil.. the player coach angle has been heavily publicized. if this is the case, then Sam gets 6 weeks of bonus coaching and this is actually a pretty genius move on our end...
  5. 1. That’s 1000% speculation 2. Peyton went back for his senior year, and rookie contracts were a different deal then
  6. I was shocked the browns and giants passed on him too. That’s irrelevant to my point.
  7. So you’re telling me Darnold was willing to risk injury and lose everything to essentially move from #3 to #1?
  8. You’re full of crap. No player will come out just because one team promises something a year before the draft. Darnold came out because he was a consensus top 5 pick.
  9. This is nonsense. There is little to no difference between being #1 or #3. QBs get their pay day on contract #2- the browns are literally the last place he’d want to go to get that.
  10. Best players I’ve seen (only counting prime years) Moss Peterson Revis Watt Rodgers Gronk Polamalu OBJ
  11. I don’t think a couple of seasons and a Super Bowl qualifies for a formula. Give me 5-10 years of sustained success and I’ll start believing it’s not just the players.
  12. I’ll take a 10 year above average starter with the 6th pick any day of the week. Do we forget Gholston was also the 6th pick?
  13. Trubisky reminds of Tebow. I can’t see him being anything special.
  14. His off the field antics are overrated. This guy strirkes fear unto opposing Ds.