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  1. nico002

    Dowell Loggains Hired as OC

    Yea... Gase did OC the best offense in NFL history.
  2. nico002

    **** the Saints

    Cost us how? Who would have played instead?
  3. You won the Super Bowl off the dirtiest performance in NFL history. You deserve all the bad things that happen to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPZCVCZNc50
  4. I’ve posted this before but for what it’s worth both Chris Simms and Orvlovsky said this guy was very smart and innovative. Yes the Chicago O was bad when he was the OC but what did you expect with a rookie Trubisky and Cohen (a RB) as your #1 WR?
  5. nico002

    Would you support Replay on PI?

    No I don't. I want to see FEWER PI calls, not more. I think the refs should huddle together and confirm calls when it is a critical moment in the game. I also think the league office needs to be on speed dial so they can call into the refs and tell them when they ****ed up so they can correct the call- like instantly.
  6. nico002

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    I think the camera angles made the call worse that it really was. If you look carefully the DB hits the WR when the ball is basically at the WR. It wasn't really a late hit. The ball was in front of the receiver so the sideline angle makes it look like the hit was way early - it really wasn't.
  7. nico002

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Any Reid is a ******* idiot for not using all three time outs to give his defense a breather. Just asinine.
  8. nico002

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    The refs could have huddled and thrown a late flag. I’ve seen it before. They blatantly wanted to give the rams a shot to win.
  9. nico002

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Rams should have gone for it there
  10. nico002

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    Rams should have gone for it
  11. This was the turning point: “With the third pick in the 2018 NFL draft- the New York Jets select Sam Darnold, quarterback, USC”
  12. nico002

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    He obviously meant Kamara I’ll givr him a pass for that.
  13. Mahomes could fall off the face of the earth in two seasons- we’ve seen it before. I don’t think that will happen but speculation about a contract TWO entire seasons away is absurd. The rookie contract window thing is irrelevant to us, by the time Darnold is eligible for his second contract the new CBA would have been signed. The cap will increase significantly and there potentially will be a QB only cap...
  14. nico002

    Why no OC announcement yet?

    When Loggains was the bears OC they had a rookie Trubisky and Cohen (a RB) was their #1 WR. Ive heard to former QB analysts who I respect talk highly about Loggains- saying he’s intelligent and highly innovative.
  15. nico002

    Josh Jacobs

    I gotta say this kid looks like a badass. First time I saw him was in the championship game and he jumped off the screen. Then Daniel Jeremiah, who is well connected in NFL circles, mocks him at 5. Alabama fans seem to think this kid is the most underrated player on the team. They say he’s basically the best running back they’ve had in recent memory. Great speed, power, and one of the best side cuts I’ve ever seen. I think he should be one of our targets at around #7 if we could pull of a trade down with the Jags. Maybe he runs a 4.4 and goes #3... Heck

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