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  1. It’s a covid 19 thread genius, im responding directly to the topic at hand. If you don’t like it close the thread.
  2. Sounds like Curtis Martin.
  3. And your local pizza shop has guys running around too, they’re open. Get over it. There are no 90 year olds with pre existing conditions in Pitt crews.
  4. Many many people are working in close quarters, I’m glad they are restarting. This whole thing is absurd at this point.
  5. He needs to get better if we hope he becomes an elite level QB. This idea that he isn’t already good to very good is asinine. He elevated his team to respectability when they should have been the worst team in the NFL. The statistical conversation is so absurd, it includes the New England game- the greatest statistical outlier in NFL history. Sam Darnold could regress tenfold and never have a game that statistically bad again. It’s the equivalent of a player having a 7 sack game, ending up with 12 sacks and suddenly being considered an elite pass rusher. Context is everything, most of the world is too stupid to understand that. They have zero attention spans, demand instant gratification, surface level results, everything is binary, **** the world.
  6. There were rumors of a “godfather offer” for the #1 pick...
  7. He is giddy about Becton "manimal" "profile of ogden/pace" "old school giant of a man tackle" "there is a lot of excitement about our OL right now"
  8. Would you agree that Dak, Brees, and Murray are highly questionable choices that really could go either way?
  9. I don't know how many times I have to remind people. Trevor Siemian was a competent starter in this league, and for about a half he was worse than Luke Falk in this offense. Luke Falk, an extremely successful college QB, literally looked like a middle schooler behind this offensive line. His career is over before it started. Sam Darnold went 7-6 with that trash heap.
  10. It’s a copy cat leuage so everyone wants compact Yac speed recievers like Hill, 5+ years ago Mims is a first rounder based in profile and the other guys are 3rd rounders. Mims is also a little older and played at Baylor in an offense that didn’t fully showcase his skillset. Think about it this way, in the deepest WR draft ever he still went in the second.
  11. McCarthy would have resigned by week 7 if he had been given the hand Gase dealt with last year. Oh yea, and Mac would still be here.

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