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  1. Hi motivational tactics don’t last
  2. nico002

    How low is this new level of low?

    Low? This is a great time to be a Jets fan. We have a quarterback and are about to hire an offensive coach for the first time in eons.
  3. He was 30 years old. He can learn from the Denver experience. Every successful HC has been great from the start right?
  4. Yes that’s why they brought him back after Denver and begged him no to leave for Indy. I am shocked at the ignorance on this board sometimes.
  5. Rex was a good coach who’s act gets old.
  6. Yes he failed when he was 30. That means he can never been a good coach right?
  7. That’s BS. BB could coach in NE for another 5 years.
  8. Won a playoff game with Tebow
  9. Yet they begged McDaniels to come back- what other coordinators have they even acknowledged after leaving?
  10. We pay McCown 10 mil to be a QB coach but can’t pay 10 mil for the best offensive mind in the game?
  11. You guys are clueless sometimes. there is a reason the smartest organization in the history of professional sports brought this guy back to be their oc and then begged him not to go to Indy- HES SPECIAL
  12. Luck was a huge health question mark. also- the colts are bigger rivals to the pats than the jets. Yet he almost took the job...
  13. Offer him 2x the money of the next best offer and he’ll be a Jet
  14. Parcells was negotiating his contract with jets during the effing super bowl with the pats. Countless example of HOF coaches being “weasels”

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