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  1. Not true. If we aren’t willing to give him a big contract- no one will. Just because he’s a FA doesn’t mean he will be paid a kings ransom.
  2. “There aren't any head coaches I'm aware of who haven't worked for multiple years as an assistant coach of some type at the pro level“ panthers HC, OC, and DC meet this criteria LOL
  3. “Assistant head coach” for 6 years is not comparable to “assistant OL coach” which is all that Rhule has done... for ONE year
  4. Many jets fans like many things, this is a Jets forum and there is a specific board for off topic discussions
  5. I feel like 14 in Green is TX with a new angle
  6. Reid- 6 years as an assistant harbaugh- 10 years as a coordinator Tomlin- 5 years as position coach/coordinator Vrabel- year as dc multiple years as player lynn- 16 years as position coach and 6 years as assistant head coach Matt Nagy - 6 years as position coach and 2 years as coordinator your examples are absolutely terrible and support my argument
  7. Explain to me why anyone would want season tickets when you can buy them on ticketmaster the week before the game?

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