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  1. Trading Adams has nothing to do with Adams. The formula to win in the NFL is simple: 1. Have a top quarterback 2. protect the quarterback 3. disrupt their quarterback right now we have 1/3... trading adams would help us with #2
  2. No... with an all pro level OL and a legit #1 Darnold is an MVP candidate. He’s already as proven a FQB as a 22 year old can be...
  3. Happy feet implies being scared in the pocket and bailing on the play too quickly... the opposite of this example. Moving your feet in the pocket is irrelevant if you are still throwing accurately. Peyton Manning had the happiest feet in the pocket of all time... worked out fine.
  4. I like adams but if we can get a 1st and a 2nd for him I trade him in a heart beat
  5. Huh? Sanchez had the best OL in football and a 10th of the ability that Sam has.
  6. Holy crap this place has officially lost it. He missed a check down in garbage time, unbelievable. You could pick out a bad play from all 32 QBs last Sunday...
  7. QBASE is a pretty basic formula, if you’re accurate and start 4+ years you’ll have a high score.
  8. Nah I go bonkers when guys post crap without any argument. I’d like to have a real conversation in this dump for once.
  9. Brett Farve, Tony Romo, Big Ben, John Elway, I can keep going. It was a bone head throw... the ball also slipped off his hand but whatever ... bad throw... that’s all it is though. 2 point impact on the game...
  10. Yes let’s judge the entirety of Sam Darnold on one play that had A 2 point impact on a game we lost by 6. Not to mention that he threw a TD on the previous play that was incorrectly overturned. Terrible, over simplified analysis. Sam Darnold is 22 and is being asked to pick up this trash heap of a team and save them- by himself. How has future HOF Bell looked behind this line? How did Trevor Simien, a decent starter, and Luke Falk look? There is no gameplan, there are no players, there is no offensive line. Darnold should be in the running for MVP for making this piece of garbage tram semi serviceable.
  11. If he doesn’t get fired this weekend he’s gonna be here all year.

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