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  1. Josh Allen brings all-time great physical tools combined with a passion for the game and a high level of intelligence (highest wonferlick score) josh Allen ran a pro style system and was asked to make ridiculous throws- no gimmies to pad stats. I think Allen is so physically talented that combined with his passion for football and work ethic his floor is a lot higher than people think
  2. I love Darnold, and I’d take him at 3- but he is the biggest boom or bust qb in this class. By FAR the least ready to play next year. - has played the least QB of any of top 5 - is most behind in terms of X/Os, tan simplest most controlled scheme in college - turnover prone - doesn’t have elite physical tools to overcome some of the issue above look, the guy has moxie, leadership, great instincts, and seemingly that “it factor”... but he is a HUGE RISK. If you take Darnold you are sitting him for a year- at least. Are you sure the Browns and Jets want that?
  3. Rosen Fans

    Aaron Rodgers dropped because he lacked a deep throw sample size.
  4. First overall pick is...

    The logical thing to do is to take Barkley and then grab the #2 or #3 QB- which is 90% guaranteed to be Allen if that’s who they actually want.
  5. Your final ranking of the 5 QBs

    I mean Eli 99% of his career. his post season success is undeniable but he benefited from luck and circumstance.
  6. Rosen - best thrower, best decision maker, underrated athleticism, overrated personality concerns. Floor: Eli Manning, Cieling: Peyton Manning Darnold - best playmaker, locker room guy. Tunrovers and franctic play style a concern. Floor: Fitzpatrick, ceiling: Tony Romo+ Allen - best arm, physical tools. Accuracy concerns overrated, ability to go through progressions a question mark. Floor: Derek Anderson, cieling: John Elway Mayfield - great leader, good passer. Questionable athleticism, height a concern. Floor: Mark Sanchez, cieling: drew Brees Jackson - unreal athleticism, communication and leadership concerns. Floor: joe Webb, cieling: mike Vick
  7. Is Robby Anderson worth a 1st rounder? Because he’s undoubtedly better than cooks.
  8. I think there is a fairly highly chance that the browns take Allen at #1 and Giants take Barkley. if that’s the case- who do you draft?
  9. Why Darnold?

    Has the fewest red flags out of others Rosen - health/personality Mayfield - size/immaturity Allen - lack of production/accuracy
  10. Did any of you guys catch Gettleman and these other goons from the Giants rambling interviews during the owners meetings? Appeared totally unprofessional, incoherent, and unprepared. Its like having a mix of Rex Ryan and Larry David as your GM.
  11. Can a running back lower their head to plow over a defender?
  12. The difference between a 56% and 60% completion is 4 passes out of 100 throws. I fail to see how that is a significant number- especially when a dump off counts equally to an 60 yard bomb on the run. Is it not possible that Allen’s % is 4 throws worse out of 100 because he simply attempts more insane throws than other less talented quarterbacks?
  13. Yea I mean he was throwing to nobodies playing against nobodies. Ben was drafted because of his huge size and mobility.