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  1. Huh? The only questionable call was the PI they was picked up because it was deemed “uncatchable”
  2. My favorite part was when Booger was breaking down the end zone int while looking at the previous play (incomplete sideline pass to bell)
  3. One thing that is making sams putrid stats look even more putrid is that the pats had PI on essentially all his “big plays” he really probably should have completed 3-5 more passes for 50-100 more yards
  4. I’m sorry but he hasn’t done this since coming back from injury last year. Not sure how we can call one game a habit
  5. “Whole time” aka 0.1 seconds. That’s a free blitzer coming to his face.
  6. It was 3rd and long, I think he was trying to get a 1st
  7. Non story, this is from gases post game presser. He said they taped it up and he went back in.
  8. You mean the play where he got hit as he threw and Anderson didn’t even attempt to jump for the ball?
  9. Your point implies that there were plays to be made that Darnold simply missed. not the case at all... The first INT was a bad terrible play. Outside of that... I saw a young player trying to make something happen out of an impossible situation. Darnold has thrived in chaos his entire career, it’s his single best attribute. Coming into this game he was one of the best ranked QBs against the blitz in the entire leuage.
  10. What’s the flaw? Not being about to stiff arm a free rusher with one arm and pass with the other? Bellichick exposed our OL, WR, and coaches problems.
  11. Darnolds did amazing things literally 7 days ago. Tom Brady vs Bills in 2003 (his third year) 12/34 150 yards 4 INTs
  12. Gases gameplan was atrocious but... the sideline pep talk was the only positive from the entire night. Darnold is a 22 year old kid. Football is a crazy emotional sport. Things were going disastrously. I liked that Gase was collected and tried to pump Darnold up in that moment. You see it with caddies and golf all the time. It’s a mental sport, all about momentum. You think it’s all they talked about the entire game? That was literally a 5 second clip.
  13. - Call me crazy but I can’t believe we let Darnold wear a mic. He’s a 22 year old trying to play against the most sophisticated defense coach in the NFL. Say what you want but being micd is a distraction. - Our WRs were absolutely dominated in man coverage. Really pathetic effort. Zero separation all night. - Bellichick exposed our inability to shift protections and allow free rushers, combined with the point above Darnold was basically left with two options- take a sack or throw it up to a one on one matchup.

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