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  1. Did you guys even read the rumor? Daniel Craig is still James Bond (who I personally hate in the role btw) The plot of the movie simply calls for him to leave M16 and thus a new 007 needs to be named- the black girl.
  2. An 18 game season is a no brainer- but that’s not the way to do it. Add a second bye, expand the rosters to 60, and increase the salary cap. The Pats have played 18-19 games for the last 20 years and have still dominated the league.
  3. Can the OL hold up Will Bell be his old self Will Polite be able to be a passrush threat If those three are yes we are going to the playoffs
  4. It’s not about not being aggressive it’s about being predictable and sh*tty
  5. Every year? Wtf are are you talking about?
  6. Do you really think Mac was allowed to pick players without the consent of Gase?
  7. Didn’t he have a shoulder issue in college?
  8. Ajayi is out of the leuage and Landry is the most overpaid WR in football. Gase was right on both those counts.
  9. I’m not denying that it was PI. I’m saying it wasn’t one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. In fact- I don’t believe replay would overturn that because in my opinion there is no angle that 100% definitely shows that the ball was there before the defender.
  10. The saints call is the most overrated bad call of all time. It was nearly a bang bang play- the other camera angle shows the defender getting there essentially when the ball was already over the receivers head.

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