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  1. What are you basing that off though?
  2. Rest of the league? There are like 5 good pass rushers in the whole nfl
  3. nico002

    Scott Frost Honeymoon Over

    Nebraska football post on a New York Jets forum? WHAT THE ****?
  4. i don’t get this since he was doing to great in the pre season my guess is the coaches trying to make the game simple with 3 games in 11 days but we are literally ******* ourselves here... again, Sam did this BEAUTIFULLY in the pre season... it explains why we looked so conservative, why Robby isn’t involved, why Sam “struggled” even though there were no plays to be made
  5. What other stuff? No one is disagreeing that he made a bone head throw there...
  6. nico002

    browns fan perspective

    Darnold played better in week 2 than week 1... Happy feet.. like Peyton Manning? Thats his style, doesn’t mean he is panicking or leaving a clean pocket you guys a great d. Jets played with a lead most of the game. Very conservative game plan... there really weren’t any plays for darnold to make... mayfield looked good. Should of had 4 turnovers but did some good things
  7. Like what? Did you watch the tape? Can you provide specific examples of the opportunities he left on the field ?
  8. Nothing to do with arm strength... even noodle arm fitz can lob a deep ball to de Sean Jackson teams are bracketing Robby... it’s not like Sam is ignoring him wide open he did hit him for 50 week 1...
  9. IWatched again with all 22... Playing “bad” would imply that he made stupid decisions or missed plays that were there to be had... there Literally was NOTHING that he just missed... the near int by the linebacker early in the game was actually a good decision- Tomlinson was open when you see it from end zone view- Sam threw it behind Tomlinson which allowed the lb to make a play- poor throw by Sam other than that... I couldn’t find a single throw that he missed that wouldn’t have been just a luck to complete. There wasn’t a single clearly open reciever that he just didn’t see. To complete anything down field he would of had to try and thread the needle over multiple Lbs and safety’s- high high risk plays the only thing I saw was on 3rd down on the 2 min drive (before the 4th down completion) he had quincy wide open down the middle as he was scrambling.... he didn’t look at that part of the field and just threw it away. That could have been a TD but it would have required a 35 yard pass on the run throwing across the field. Darnold actually has that throw in his bag but no other qb other than maybe Rodgers or Wilson has the ability to make that throw the arm strength complaint is ridiculous. He showed plenty of zip throwing a couple of 15-20 yard out routes on tight lines agian, there was NOTHING down field to even attempt browns played zone/dropped a lot of guys all game. It was why the running and screen games worked all day
  10. What did he do poorly?
  11. How about you provide some thought on what you didn’t like then?
  12. Do you look at the box score and nothing else? He did some awesome things against Miami. Looked like the best player on the field.

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