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  1. Darnold. If Josh Allen can go from RB to MVP candidate Sam can make a big jump with competent coaching and a decent team around him. He looked like he belonged today. The fight this kid shows has to be worth something. Plop Sam on that OSU team and they beat Northwestern by 50.
  2. I join the tank for one week and this happens. time to build around Sam
  3. Appreciate the kind welcome Darnold has busted I was wrong ok now we can close this thread!
  4. Done with this franchise and this sport. 25 years is enough. Time to focus on family. Good luck to you all. Hopefully 2021 is better than 2020. See you never.
  5. Not sure how many different ways you need to be told. That interception was a lucky play by the defender on a busted coverage. Nothing Darnold could do there.
  6. Yes because it’s Darnolds fault that Rhodes won the defensive loterry and fell into a pick because he busted his assignment. That was a good decision and a good throw- sh*t happens
  7. How is Goff doing against that buffalo D?
  8. The heck are you smoking? No one said that there was another QB that had garbage time stats through 2 games this season. That’s irrelevant... I said that every QB at some point benefits form garbage time stats, the fact that Darnold has through the first 2 games is random hapenstance. I gave you an example of Watson who did it week 1, that’s 50% of his game so far! Keep spewing spewing nonsense.
  9. Yes the fact that he’s played 27 other games and never remotely approached a 3.8 rating gives me confidence that it wouldn’t happens again. A little more reliable than some twisted hypothetical you’ve invented in your little head.
  10. Me: takes 70+% of career averages you: NO YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THESE LAST TWO WEEKS MEAN EVERYTHING
  11. So now you’ve devolved into hypotheticals about what would have happened had he played a game in which he didn’t play, that’s logical. I gave you an example, Deshaun Watson, week 1. I am not sure what you mean by “every game” since we’ve only played 2 weeks of the season. Using this flawed logic no other games need to be played this year.

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