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  1. I saw Steve Young and his family on a Southwest flight once. They asked if anyone would change seats so "a family" could sit together. Not until people agreed did he come on board, so no one knew it was his family when first asked. It was a San Fran to Phoenix flight, and I remember wondering if he had a game to broadcast that weekend.
  2. the height of fashion at that store Call me an old cane-shaker, but I'm not thrilled with pajamas in public ...
  3. Watched Love Actually again as part of our Christmas-themed streaming movie watching (next up is Bad Santa ). Weird to see these actors in that not-as-good-as-I-remembered movie: Bilbo Baggins as a stand-in for a porno movie star, mimicking all the porn moves without actually doing the deed Rick from Walking Dead as a lovestruck wimp, using his native Brit accent
  4. I got 2 already. Labeled them and now they'll all go straight to my junk folder. I heard some people tried to "unsubscribe" but scout didn't recognize emails or wouldn't unsubscribe. So, junk mail, it is.
  5. Is The Equalizer the same premise as the TV show from the 80's?
  6. Here's one that makes me happy ... probably some of the mods, too
  7. Sorry to hear that. But, did you tell her about the popcorn chicken? or play dumb? "wow, honey, that's really weird that he got sick again. He must not have been over what he had before."
  8. Hey Dom! ... and panzer and pf Been a long time since I posted. Good to see the thread is still going.
  9. Thanks, slats!!! I've been a member here for years, though I haven't posted much lately. And I never knew about these features. EDIT: I changed my avatar from when I posted years ago, but it's still a Jet green margarita!
  10. Are you in Ireland? Lucky Charms has the green shamrock marshmallow ... so, there's that.
  11. I lived around Boston for 20 years. It was horrible for sports, with all the NE or Red Sox homers. Didn't mean to derail ... back to voting for LBS's adorable daughter!
  12. Then there's: Browned Butter & Candied Bacon Cereal Bars
  13. I was googling "bacon cereal" and found this ...
  14. He's gorgeous! Love dogs, always had them growing up (mutts, shepards, beagle, poodle), but none recently.
  15. Thanks, slats! I remember posting in the Word Association thread. I just took a peek in the Lounge, and I see the Last To Post in This Thread is still going on ... 8 years later! Hope to be able to contribute.
  16. Hi everyone! I used to post on this site, mostly in the Lounge, which I enjoyed, but something happened. The atmosphere changed, so I went to hang out in the JI Hampur, the other land of misfit toys. With everything going on over there, I thought I would come back and see what it's like here now. And no, I'm not one of the three females described in an earlier post.
  17. Some wonderfully bad songs in this thread. I really hate this song, even though lots of people love Clapton, and rightly so. But this song grates on my nerves and the lyrics are awful. That's probably because my step-brother used to play this song as loud as he could over and over again, maybe 15 times in a row, and then sing along totally off key in a screeching voice. It would drive me nuts. I still can't listen to it ever. " I shot the sher...ifff but I did not shot the deputy" wtf?
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