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  1. Hi afo. Sorry to not reply sooner; things have been strange here. Hubbie was doing better over the winter but had a setback in late Feb/early March. So now we're back to where we were last year -- a little depressing to see some progress and then back track. Congrats on your son's choice of college. Sounds like a good fit from what you say. Bet you're glad the application and admission process is over. How's the job going? Still having layoffs and cutbacks? Hope all is well with you.

  2. no. we were thinking of avatar in 3D. it's playing at the movies but then we also found out it's at the IMAX downtown all January. so we have a lot of time. instead we just hung around and relaxed. Did you do chinese and movie? if so, what movie?

  3. so, how many bags of CC did you eat after that jets fiasco? at least the yanks finally won! :-) chocolate covered CC is weird. all you taste at first is chocolate and then the CC kicks in - not two flavors you think of together -- they were bought at target, maybe they have some on the discount rack now

  4. Happy Halloween! I just got a present from my work (they're based in Orlando). Guess what they sent me???? a bag of chocolate-covered candy corn! :yahoo: If you were in the area, I would share. Now I have to eat them all myself. :biggrin:

  5. hi, might have been fun to go to the game, but can't with hubbie's condition. we'll at least get it on HD because the texans will be on local cbs. yes, texas is huge! but austin is only about 170 miles from houston how you doing? i just pulled an almost-all-nighter at work (going to bed now at 4 am) because of a crazy deadline. oy!

  6. austin is so casual (and hot) that people wear flip-flops and flat sandals all the time. i started wearing them when i got down here. not so much when i lived in boston. in winter, it's funny. you see guys in shorts and sandals but with long-sleeve shirts and jackets.

  7. Glad you liked them. I only wear flip-flops and low sandals in the summer heat here and I sometimes trip on them. :eek::biggrin: Hope you had a nice birthday at the beach today! Still over 100 here, too darned hot to go outside.

  8. oh, college hunting, so much fun! Is she looking anywhere in particular? Not much happening here. Very hot time of year so can't spend much time outdoors, though I did bbq twice this weekend. No need to exercise, just cook and sweat over a grill with no shade in 104 degree heat. :-)

  9. hey, gg, hope you had a nice 4th weekend.

  10. Oh, I know. I thought it was crazy in a funny way, or funny in a crazy way. Trying to calm down from some stupid junk at work, I thought I'd take a minute and read JN, and I ran right into the prose-making machine called Borgo in a duel of words with Verde. It was enjoyable, no worries.

  11. Thanks! At my age, we don't celebrate the number, just that we're having them. :-)

  12. Thanks! It'll be a quiet day, just working and relaxing.

  13. excellent weather; hope you're enjoying it

  14. No problem. I know you're only kidding from some of your other posts about your wife being your "best friend." My husband, also. I just find it funny that just saying "marriage" or "woman" in a thread can bring out some crazy responses.

  15. Hi lady, how are you? Sorry didn't get back to you sooner but I haven't been on internet in almost a week. Still having problems with the computer, though. How's the weather there, any snow yet?

  16. Sorry to hear about upcoming layoffs. It is scary, though it's probably good that you have some warning. Do you know that you personally will be let go, or have they not announced that yet? I knew there would be major layoffs at my company but everyone said I was "safe" because there was no redundancy at my position. Guess they found some - ha, ha. Thanks for asking. I've had a lot of phone interviews, because my industry is not big in Austin. So most jobs want relocation, especially back to snowy northeast - yikes! Right now I have two possibilities that would let me stay here. I thought I would hear today from one, but didn't. Guess I'll have to wait until next week. This whole interview process is crazy, though I've been on the other side and I know that it doesn't always move quickly. So I'm hanging in there, hoping for one of these two opportunities to pan out. Let me know how things go for you. Good luck!

  17. I wasn't sure how many people would remember them, though I think many word association people are of that age. :)

  18. Hi LadyJet! How are you?

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