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  1. It's 1:30 am and I've had some alcohol. I'm off work tomorrow because it's a mandatory day off. Not because my company is nice, but we've all had (even us salaried folks) a 10% pay cut for a few pay periods, which sucks, and they're forcing us to take a day off. So I had to work 14 hours today to get all the work done for tomorrow -- doesn't seem fair.
  2. Deadwood Dexter The Wire top 3 places you would not like to live
  3. my weight money Teh Jets top 3 things people give up for Lent (sorry if this is a repeat, I didn't go back through the entire thread)
  4. No kidding. What was really weird is when I saw a movie recently from 1997 and realized that it's 15 years ago! How the hell could the late 90's, which seems like yesterday, be that long ago?
  5. As if anyone on this board can answer that. sex drink eat top 3 most annoying things people do at work
  6. German Shepard Doberman Pincher Husky Top 3 worst fashion fads
  7. Hey Lady Jet! I've been lurking some, not posting much though. Jets season sorta sucked, and then real life (which also sucked) got in the way.
  8. No call for me, either. So, are girls still able to post in the lounge? Or did you make this a men-only forum -- not that there's anything wrong with that?
  9. Leaving on a Jet Plane -- Peter, Paul, & Mary
  10. Sorry I missed this, too. (Haven't been around much lately.) gg -- Hope you had a great birthday!!!
  11. I got progressives 6 years ago, and I don't remember having any major problems adjusting to the lenses. But I did have to have LensCrafters redo one lens because they didn't center the prescription correctly. So when I first put them on, my vision was off. Be sure the glasses are at the right position on your nose for your prescription, and that you put them in the same position each time you wear them. Slightly off could be causing vision and headache problems. I need a new pair of glasses. Getting older (ugh!), my "bad" far vision is actually getting better but I need more help reading. Will be getting another pair of progressives. Prefer that to bifocals.
  12. +1 It's terrible to see such devastation and loss of life. Was 104° in the sun on my porch today. We're still in an exceptional drought, and I feel bad for all the people affected by not only the drought but all the "acts of mother nature" across the country.
  13. Well, they changed the forecast and it's supposed to be 100° today. That's a bit early; usually not until July. But I'm not complaining too much; I wouldn't have moved down here if I didn't want to live in the heat. Well, I didn't like so much the firemen coming door-to-door handing out pamphlets on how to prepare for and survive wildfires. I lived in Boston area for 21 years, so I know how cold and miserable the spring can be there. Sounds like the rest of New England and the tri-state area is having the same crappy weather this year. I don't miss those cold rainy days. Hope it warms up soon for all of you.
  14. still in an extreme drought and hotter than normal for May
  15. Sorry for your loss, billyb! You, too, bergen! My mom was also hit by a car while she was crossing the street. Fortunately she only lost a leg. Damn drivers not paying attention. And, yes, I called my mother yesterday. She's 86 and slowing way down, but was happy to hear from her "baby." Father's Day is a tough day for me, because my dad died when I was little. We keep our parents alive in our memories and thoughts, and honor them by how we live our lives.
  16. It's baaaaaaaaack! Thought it had gone to thread heaven.
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